Ear Tagging Newborn Calves Every newborn calf must have an ear tag in each ear showing the unique ID number. The number is made up of a herd mark and an animal number. Dairy farmers – calves must be tagged with one ear tag within 36 hours of birth, 20 days is allowed from birth to fit the secondary tag Many cow-calf producers think it is sacrilegious to not ear tag calves at birth.   Most do it because they have always done it.   Several years ago, the PCC Discussion Group came up with several “Kooky Notions” that the members used to have.   Ear tagging calves at birth was one of those kooky notions.

I’m sure many of you are saying, “What’s wrong with tagging calves at birth?”  To begin with, each and every one of your cows knows which calf is hers – without an ear tag.   If you are a commercial rancher (not raising registered cattle), you are NOT getting paid to ear tag your calves.   I am not against putting identification ear tags in every animal – but it can be done when the calves are run through a chute for vaccinations, etc.   It does not have to be done within a few hours after birth.

How to tag a calf

1. Ensure the calf is securely restrained.

2. Squeeze the handles of the tagger to check that the pin slides easily into the hole on the opposite end of the tagger.

3. Place the male component of the tag on the tagger pin and the female component on the opposite side.

4. Make sure the female tag part is correctly aligned with it’s male counterpart and squeeze the taggers.

5. Remove the tagger and ensure the tag halves are interlocked and placed both securely and comfortably.

Features of Ear Tagging Newborn Calves:

  • MATERIAL : Cattle ear tags with numbers are made from high quality plastic, durable, Laser printing, fade resistant, softer, more flexible. Copper head earrings. Quality assurance!
  • FUNCTION :These ear tags are a must tools for the ranch, it can help you track your herd. Prefect for used in cattle, calves. goats, hogs, sheep, etc..
  • PRODUCT SIZE:L3”* W 2.4”
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Number 001-100 or 101-200 CATTLE EAR TAGS, Pins are included
  • After-sales Service: If you don’t satisfied with our product , please contact us directly, we will give you a replacement or full refund.Thanks for your support.


item nameEar tag
Brand NameZJKR
UseAnimal identify
ApplicationFarm/veterinary shop

Prices of Ear Tagging Newborn Calves:

$12.35 – $47.26

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