Bharat Group is the brainchild of a visionary Sat Narain Gupta, one of the pioneers of agrochemicals industry in India. Active in this arena since 1977, he initially floated Bharat Pesticides Manufacturing Company. In this venture, he found two like-minded partners in, Mahabir Prasad Gupta and Rajender Prasad Gupta. Today, their joint efforts have borne rich fruits as Bharat Group has created a niche in diverse segments of pest control within the country and abroad too.
Banking on their rich collective experience of over 40 years, the trio promoted a mega insecticides company, Bharat Rasayan Limited (BRL). Currently, BRL is the flagship enterprise of the conglomerate alongside the two sister concerns, Bharat Insecticides Limited (BIL) and BR Agrotech Limited (BRAL).The products portfolio consists of a wide spectrum of high quality eco-friendly pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides etc. to cater to every arena in the agricultural sector of crops (food and commercial), horticulture and floriculture, in applications for public health, house-keeping and veterinary treatment besides loss prevention in warehouses, depots and granaries. Apart from these, the group has also forayed into the packaging industry on an encouraging note.

Errant plus is pre- emergence selective herbicide for transplanted rice. It controls grass, broad leaf and sedge weeds. It is very safe to crop. Errant Plus dissolves and spreads fast and has an effective action. It is convenient to use and safe for the crop and environment.


  •  SEMPRA is the first herbicide introduced in India by Dhanuka Agritech Ltd for effective control of Cyperus rotundus.
  • It is a selective, systemic, post-emergence herbicide with WDG formulation for effective control of Cyperus rotundus from nuts in Sugarcane and Maize crop.
  • Sempra has strong systemic action i.e. moves in both ways through Xylem & Phloem.

Uses/benefits of Elaan Herbicide

  • Efficacy at Low Dose: Sempra provides outstanding control of Cyperus rotundus at 36 gm/acre. It also offers soil residual activity and controls late emerging weeds. Compared to traditional herbicides it’s dosage is low.
  • Nutrient uptake checked: Sempra checks nutrient uptake by Cyperus rotundus within 24 hrs of application resulting in good healthy crop.
  • Safe to Crop: Sempra does not harm the crop of Sugarcane & Maize.
  • Strong Soil Residual Action: Sempra has strong residual action due to which it controls new germinating Cyperus rotundus.
  • Reduced Weeding Expenses: Sempra gives freedom from repeated manual weeding which leads to saving manual labour cost in herbicides application.
  • Increase Yield: Sempra results in more yield hence more profits.

Mode of Action:

 Selective early post-emergence herbicide for control of yellow nut sedge and purple nut sedges and certain broadleaf weeds.

Crops: Wheat, Sugarcane, Maize, Barley

Dosage: 36 g/acre  

Product Specification

Technical NamePretilachlor 37% EW
Packaging TypeBottle
Dose600-750 Ml/Acre For Transplanted Paddy.
Application TimeBetween 0-3 Days After Transplanting

Prices of Elaan Herbicide

$85.25 – $230.00

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