Unique design system ensures full airflow balance of feed, suitable for premix, poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Different types of raw materials are added to the mixer in batches according to different animal formula requirements. The cylinder section is round in shape, mixed without dead angle, mixing time 2-4 minutes One end discharge, direct loading, simple equipment, low investment Mixing uniformity: coefficient of variation CV ≤ 7%.
Adopts regrinding crushing technology, widen the screen in 360°,the materials can be crushed averagely. When the size of the
materials is smaller than the holes in the screen, the materials can be discharged quickly.
Coefficient of variation is less than 5%, the mixing time is 5 minutes, then the materials can be discharged form one side. There
is no dead corner when mixing, and this machine is easy to maintenance.

Uses/benefits of Electric Feed Grinder Mixer:

 Electric Feed Grinder Mixer machine is used in food, crop dry and straw smashing processing can also be used for potato beating, the livestock feed grinder can grind all kinds of materials of pellet feed, such as corn, sorghum, grain, legumes, corn cob, dry wheat straw, rice husk, wheat brans, small tree branches, and others.

Features of Electric Feed Grinder Mixer:

1. It is simple structure, safe, dependable, easy to mount and easy to operate, low vibration, high output;
2. It is widely used for grinding granular materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, soybean, etc;
3. Steel plate welded structure; motor and rotor are mounted on same base plate;
4. Pin coupling direct connection driving; all of all rotors pass an accurate dynamic balancing test;
5. Ensure the safe operation door is locked when the machine is in operation6. The inlet is on top of machine for ease of operation. Main Technical Parameters      ModelParametersDia. Of Rotor (mm)Width Of Grinding Chamber (mm)Speed Of Rotor(rpm)Power (kw)Output(t/h)SFSP568-Ⅰ5603602940222-3SFSP568-Ⅰ5603602940303-5SFSP568-Ⅱ5604002940374-6Re: The above indexes are those when meeting the following conditions: raw material: corn, moisture content not higher than 14%, density not lower than 0.72t/m3, screen: hole diameter 3mm, hole-opening rate not less than 33%.

Specification of Electric Feed Grinder Mixer:

ModelPowervoltageCapacityMixing time

Prices of Electric Feed Grinder Mixer:

$1,380.00 -25,870.00

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