Double/Single Bucket Electric motor-driven portable milking machine is with light weight type design and beautiful shape, convenient and safe to operate, easy to maintain, and low noise . the milk bucket can be made with transparent plastic milk bucket or stainless steel milk bucket in 25L or 30L, and we also can customize a variety of voltage and different configuration according to your needs, it is suit for a majority of farmer to milk, it is the necessary milk equipment in pasture maternity wards and isolating room.Advantages for Stainless Steel Single Cow Vacuum Pump Portable Goat Milker Milking Machine
.High quality ,durable ,economic and practical . .If it is a small-scale farms ,especially family farms ,we strongly recommend to you this model 9JYT-

.The portable milking machine enables you to milk 10-20 cows per hour with one bucket or 20-24 cows per hour with two buckets. Therefore, hand milkers can triple their milking capacity and milk more cows within the same time . 1. Double pump pulse: a double motor breast pump with massage is equivalent to two engines, two sets of independent working systems. If one of the engines fails, the other can still work normally. It is full of power, more durable and labor-saving

Uses/benefits of Electric Goat Milker:

  • 3L Electric Milking machine, 4.5cm / 1.77 inch teat cups for goat
  • Fully enclosed and sealed. Make sure your milk stays clean
  • Easy to learn & use, Even for the rookies
  • Fast and Easy to Clean, Simple & Inexpensive
  • Package Included: Impulse Type Pump Milking Machine Set
  • Easy to use
  • High quality and Inexpensive
  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • Durable in use
  • Well Made
  • Enjoy Great Popularity Among the People
  • Save your Money
  • Best Choice and best discounts
  • Customer Care is Our Top Priority
  • Offer is Subject to Availability
  • Big SaleEasy to use

Features of Electric Goat Milker:

  • [automatic stop function] when the amount of goat milk in the barrel reaches the limit, the sound of the host will change, automatically stop sucking goat milk into the barrel, and extend the service life of the host.
  • [high quality] this milking machine is specially designed for sheep, suitable for small and medium-sized farms or daily families. Goat milk barrel is durable, safe, and environmentally friendly. At the same time, it is equipped with a special brush, milk lining, nipple cup, and so on to make the machine work more convenient.
  • [Battery capacity] 5200 mAh. It can be used for five or six hours when it is fully charged. It can be recharged and is convenient for you to carry.
  • [safety silica gel milk lining] food grade silica gel is safe and hygienic, no peculiar smell, soft and comfortable, and more convenient for sucking. The milk barrel itself is made of edible stainless steel, which is more safe and durable.
  • [convenient handle design] foldable handle design, convenient handling, time-saving and labor-saving. The pulsation cycle is 46 times per minute. Using the milking machine can save at least half of the labor force and time. There is no need to endure sweating in summer or hand freezing in winter when milking, so it is more efficient.

Specification of Electric Goat Milker:

Product nameMilking Machine for Goats Cows, 14L/7L Electric Milking Supplies W/Stainless Steel Bucket, Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump Milker for
Farm (for Cows, 7L)
Description 1 Portable Electric Milking Machine: The milking machine is designed for milking cows or goats, etc. This superior milking
machine changes from hand to machine milking for faster milking. To reduce the stress in your herd and to improve milk quality
and increase milk yield.
Description 2Milker for Farm: Our milking machine with a 7L stainless steel Bucket and vacuum pressure pump for milking, is of big suction
capacity and high efficiency. It is automatically stopped when the milk is full, saving time and effort, convenient to use.
Description 3Advantage & Benefits: Milking soft, do not hurt the teat of cows, help to improve the milking health conditions.
Description 4Easy to Use & Clean: Installation takes less than 1 min, easy to use with the least technical experience, anyone can use. The
package comes with instructions..
NotesSincerely Milking Machine Company: As the friends of the farmer, we know nothing comes before save your valuable time! If for any reason your purchase isn’t right for you, then reach out to Plupiapio customer care. We’ll happily make things right!
Product Dimensions ‏35.5 x 30.7 x 27.8 CM; 3.7KGS

Prices of Electric Goat Milker:

$82.22 – $830.00

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