Milk contains a variety of nutrients, when you hand milk a cow or goat, all kinds of dust, hair, bacteria and sometimes even flecks of manure will easily land in your hard-earned milk bucket. By using the Milking Machine, the entire system is fully enclosed and sealed. There is no opportunity for contamination during the milking process. This keeps the milk fresh, clean and ecol free. Ideal milker equipment for use in small farms for people milk 2-3 times a day, It is a cost-effective solution that will save you time, money.I like to use it.

Features of Electric Milker For Goats:

  • Easy-Use & Clean&Portable To Carry :Electric Goat Milker Professional design makes it easy to install and operate. Installation takes less than 15s, with the least technical experience, anyone can use, even your kids can help to do the extracting work for you. Come with handy cleaning brushes to clean the hose and teat cup
  • Goat Milking Machine with Pulsator : More Comfortable Milking Experience For Your GoatThe pulsating system will make the milk claw liners collapse on and below the teats about once each second massaging the teat and maintaining normal blood flow, it will prevent damage or pain to the teats that would be caused by the continuous vacuum. Providing a comfortable milking experience for your cow or goat. (NOTE: To maintain the lifetime of the pump, it should avoid water and dusty place.)
  • TIME & LABOR-SAVING&EASY TO USE: portable goat milking machine Pulsation cycle is 40~60 times per minute, using a milking machine saves at least one-half of the labor and time. No need to tolerate sweated in summer or hand freezing in winter when milking. the milk container is equipped with a check valve that prevents the milk flow into the pump when the milk is full.
  • Automatically Stop Working When Milk Is Full The milk bucket is equipped with a check valve. So, the milking machine will automatically stop working when the milk is full, preventing milk from flowing into the pump, extending equipment service time.At the same time,The milk bucket is made of premium 304 stainless steel, easy to clean. Folding handle are on 2 sides and inside. Super convenient to carry and pour out milk.
  • Premium Material &Safety&Health : Portable Goat Milking Machine the high standard materials, food-grade Silicone Hose, Teat cup liner and Milk Container, Healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless.It is healthy, environmental friendly and non-toxic, and is very suitable for farm and daily household use. It can drink fresh and healthy milk source. If you don’t absolutely love your simple pulse goat milking machine will refund your entire purchase amount within 30 days.

Uses/benefits of Electric Milker For Goats:

1. Silicone goat/cow liner

2. Silicone tube

3. Electric type with Adapter 110v-240v, 50-60Hz. Output: 12v

4. Chargable type with Battery 15000mA

5. Miniature Vacuum pump Motor 62W,

6. Milk pulsator 

Specification of Electric Milker For Goats:

Products NameMilking machine
MaterialStainless steel 
Usage Home or business 
Suit animal Cow,sheep and horse 
FunctionEasy handle of milking machine
Motor Voltage110v/220v-240v
Bucket material304 Stainless steel 
Delivery time Within 5-20 days,as per your orders
Payment ways T/T,West union and money gram 

Prices of Electric Milker For Goats:

$128.00 – $1,300.00

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