Electric Ploughing Machine Earthwise Power Tools by ALM is committed to innovating planet-conscious products for your outdoor needs. Since 1895, we have been creating products such as lawn mowers, gardening cultivators and other essential gardening tools. We aim to lessen the carbon footprint of gardening activities, for a greener environment. This means that you can help our environment by opting for our products that do not emit harmful fumes. Moreover, our products have a low-maintenance design so you can save money on maintenance. Our 120 years of experience in designing and innovating greener product options can promise the quality and reliability of our products.

Electric Ploughing Machine mini tiller is powered by a small diesel engine or a gasoline engine, and has the characteristics of light weight, small size and simple structure. Micro tillage machines are widely used in plains, mountains, hilly drylands, paddy fields, orchards, etc. Equipped with corresponding equipment for rotary tillage, weeding and other operations, the micro tillage machine can be exercised freely in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store, eliminating the trouble that large agricultural machinery cannot enter the mountainous fields, and is the replacement of cattle farming by the majority of farmers.

Features of Electric Ploughing Machine

1. Adjustable belt tight and power
2. sealed belt outer cover-antislip
3. handle flexible accroding to the users and the height of crops can be adjusted, suitable for operation in any direction, labor-saving
4. depth limited wheel(adjustable height)

Uses/benefits of Electric Ploughing Machine

1.Cheap price and labor-saving. Four-wheel drive ( two-wheel work,two-wheel walking)
2.Simple operation,high safety performance.Not easy to hurt.
3. The handles can be rotated, suitable for greenhouses, gardens, orchards, farms.,vegetable land, etc.
4. Free (cutting) tools and many functions. Such as rotary knife , ditching knife and earth knife.
5. Belt power output , protect the engine and gear box, easy maintenance and low cost.


Brand NameZJMZYM
Power TypeAC Current
No-Load Speed390rpm
Model NumberTLEG-01A
Product numberFC2358
Product NameMini Tiller
Maximum tilling width460MM
Shredding Size180*360MM

Prices of Electric Ploughing Machine


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