Ritchie Sheep, lamb and pig weighers are designed to be incorporated into a race-way to make to make recording results a much easier task. The entry gate slides upwards and the animal enters onto a stable, unmoving floor. The weigh cage moves vertically on sealed bearings – minimal movement in other directions. With increased access and the ability to angle the weigh head to face left, right or ahead grants easier grading for the operator.

Directly record live weight gain data easily onto one of our EziWeigh or Indicator weigh scales. All are complete with a highly visible display, a bright red stable light to easily identify when you have a stable weight, a fine mode allowing a finer resolution for lower weights, auto power-off after 15 minutes for a longer battery life and faster charging. One of the most important steps in evaluating and improving your flock management practices is good record keeping. The right livestock scale can be a sound investment for your sheep farm, allowing you to easily monitor the condition of your flock, record the growth rate of your lambs, and to keep accurate records.

Uses/benefits of Electronic Sheep Scales:

 * Four high precision series sensors have long service life, 200% safety overload and 400% limit overload.   (Domestic manufacturers generally use domestic sensors, can not overload, overload sensors are easy to   break down);

 * Standard with XK3190-A12 display, can also be matched with other displays according to demand, built-  in 6V/4mA maintenance-free battery, charging/plugging dual-purpose, charging can be used for 100 hours at a time, battery life is long;

* 6-bit large caption LCD red digital tube display, read clearly;

* It has the function of single point correction and three point correction to ensure accuracy.

* It has the function of automatic zero adjustment and software filtering, and the weighing reflection speed can be adjusted according to the use environment.

Features of Electronic Sheep Scales:

1. Anti-skid strength steel plate countertop

2. Seismic and shock resistant structures

3. Four High Strength Steel Sensors

4. Waterproof junction box

5. Other special size and range weights can be customized

Specification of Electronic Sheep Scales:

Overall Size1257mm x 578mm x 1038mm
Surface finishHot Dip Galvanized or powder coated surface finish
Main material25*25*2mm RHS, 2.5mm checked plate
Scaleelectronic scale LED display 
Capacity Max. weigh 500kg
QTY/40′ container 32 sets
Features3 way draft

Prices of Electronic Sheep Scales:

$256.00 – $1,200.00

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