Elephant watering can come with innovative designs that foster better functionality and esthetic appearance that increase efficacy in what they do while enhancing the appearance of the space they are in. These features make the. elephant watering can valuable investments that produce unbelievable returns. To cater to the needs of all shoppers, manufacturers avail these. elephant watering can in a wide collection that holds distinct styles, sizes, and colors. This ensures that depending on different watering needs, every shopper discovers. elephant watering can that address them succinctly. Shoppers will come across. elephant watering can suitable for watering gardens, decorating different premises, spraying, among other uses according to preferences.


  • Easy fill rear entry port
  • Made of weather resistant plastic
  • Long trunk which helps in watering plants
  • Novelty watering can favorite. Made in usa
  • Happiest elephant watering can on the market


  • Brand Name: Living Accents
  • Product Type: Watering Can
  • Brand Name: Living Accents
  • Capacity: 2 qt.
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Resin

Prices of Elephant Watering Can

$6.59- $9.99

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