Equipment Needed For Cattle Farming

The right farming equipment can help to boost the productivity of your livestock business. From trailers to water tanks, there is a wide range of equipment that you’ll need to make your enterprise a success. Investing in good-quality products you can rely on is essential for any farmer. Some equipment needed For Cattle Farming includes : Feeding equipment, Livestock trailer, A corral system, Waterers and water tanks, A manure spreader, A headgate.


The drinking bowl can be directly connected with the water pipe, and the water can be automatically stored by using the floating principle of the floating ball; after the water is filled with the water bowl, the floating ball floats up and presses the leather cushion, and the water is automatically closed; after the animal drinks the water in the water bowl, the floating ball drops, the skin cushion is loosened, the water is opened automatically, and then it is closed automatically after filling the water bowl, so as to realize automatic water control and save water.


Marketing TypeOrdinary Product
Core Componentscopper nipple
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameMUWANG
Model NumberA-0009
Applicable Industriesfarms, Retail, HOME USE, Animal Husbandry
ApplicationPoultry Drinker Water
Product namewater bowl for sheep
UsageLivestock Feeding


 $14.50 –  $2,000.00

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