Equipment Used For Milking Cows

The principle of machine milking is to extract milk from the cow by vacuum. The machines are designed to apply a constant vacuum to the end of the teat to suck the milk out and convey it to a suitable container, and to give a periodic squeeze applied externally to the whole of the teat to maintain blood circulation. A milking machine installation consists of a pipework system linking various vessels and other components which together provide the flow paths for air and milk. The forces necessary to move air and milk through the system arise from the fact that it is maintained at a vacuum. Thus it is atmospheric pressure which forces air, and intra-mammary milk pressure which forces milk, into the system and the combination of these forces causes flow.

Guide to machinery and equipment used in dairy farming. Dairy farming equipment include pasteurizers, automatic milker, vaccination bucket and more. A dairy farms main function is milk production. It is a capital intensive venture that requires long termed investment and proper management. Farms generally stock same breed with history of high milk production. The business is very lucrative because of huge demand for milk and milk related products. Common products are cheese, butter, yogurt, custard and ice cream.

Types of Equipment Used For Milking Cows:

  • Portable mini vacuum pump
  • Bucket milker lid
  • Hose reducer
  • Powdered teat dip cup
  • Milking bucket lid nut
  • Pulsator-4 port for surge belly milers
  • Pulsator repair kit-surge
  • Complete hand milers package
  • Super lite claw replacement parts
  • Silicone inflations
  • Essential hand milking package with screen
  • Port plug-pulsator
  • Pulsator repair kit
  • Hose clips
  • Lid gasket for-surge belly milker
  • Stainless steel shells
  • One cow bucket milker
  • Stainless steel buckets

Features of Equipment Used For Milking Cows:

Milking equipment is one of the critical components of dairy farm equipment. There are four main categories: general-purpose milking equipment, milk cooling, and storage, equipment, equipment that improves cow comfort, and miscellaneous barn and transport equipment, such as milk trucks and wash vats. Some of the most common milking equipment used to increase the efficiency of dairy farming include automatic milk detachers and teat spray robots (TSR). When it comes to milk cooling and storage, there are closed-loop water systems, mat vats, plate coolers, tanks, and silos. Many dairy farmers will work to enhance the well being of their dairy herd with numerous pieces of equipment. Fans, activity systems, holding pen cooling equipment, misting equipment, sort gates, and cow-activated brush systems, ensure the cows are occupied, kept cool, and clean.

Specification of Equipment Used For Milking Cows:

Operating vacuum degree0.04-0.05MPa
Pulsation times64 times per minute
Pulsation rate60/40
Gasoline Motor5.5HP, 3600RMP
cow no of milking per hour20-24cows
Motor speed1440 rmp per minute
Milk bucket volume2pcx25L stainless steel bucket (or plastic type)
Milk cluster2 set( Milk liner,milk claw, milk shell etc)
Warranty1 year for motor and vacuum pump
Free extra spare partsfalse nipple and short air tube

Prices of Equipment Used For Milking Cows:

$400.00 – $1,800.00

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