Starting out in fly tying can be a bit daunting. You go into a fly shop and there is a bewildering array of tools and materials (don’t worry, we’ve been there too). So we’ve broken through the complexity and pulled together these two lists of the basic essentials you need to start divided into basic tools and basic materials.A good vise (check out our guide to the best fly tying vises available) is the most important tool in your set up. It is impossible to tie flies without a vise and the vise you buy needs to be able to hold hooks of a range of sizes firmly without slipping. If you want to tie flies on the road, it also needs to be portable and ideally it should rotate (called a rotary vise) to make tying certain flies easier.

Today modern materials like Nano Silk & synthetics are used, however primitive patterns actually existed as long go as the 3rd Century AD when the writer known as Aelianus detailed fly fishing for fish with flies. It was described as “.they fasten crimson wool around the hook and fix onto the wool two feathers”. We have a vast range of tools and materials from companies like Veniard, Semperfli & Marc Petitjean just to name a few. Our vast stocks mean quick delivery. Check the reviews by thousands of satisfied tyers from around the world. See why we are so well regarded.

Essential Fly Tying Materials includes:


Tying Thread


Barbed or Barbless


Eyes & Bead Heads


Feathers & Hackle

Elk / Deer Hair

Features of Essential Fly Tying Materials:

  • For Beginners and Pros: a fishing kit with built in base, vise and seven tools of high grade material, all the basic equipment needed to make flies no matter how advanced you are
  • The standard combo includes eight tools: Vise with base, Bobbin, Threader, Bodkin, Dubbing Twister, Hackle Pliers, Scissors, Whip Finisher all in a nice convenient wooden carrying case
  • Perfect starter kit or travelers kit. Very compact and lightweight, has all the tools necessary to get into fly tying. With it’s sturdy case this kit can be thrown in a backpack and taken on a road trip or backpacking trip.
  • Use It Anywhere: the built in base keeps the vise sturdy and means this portable set can be used anywhere without having to clip the vise onto something, while you work you have all of the tools you need right by your side
  • Colorado Angler Supply, established in 1993, is a family-owned, importer, manufacturer, and distributor of fly tying and fly fishing tools and accessories. Its products are used by millions of anglers either on the fly tying bench or in the stream.


Place of OriginIndia
West Bengal
Brand NameCustomized
Model NumberRD-8513
TypeFly tying vise
MaterialMild Steel 
LogoCustomized Logo
Quality100% High
Delivery Time15-20Days
DeliveryFast Delivery

Prices of Essential Fly Tying Materials:

$3.50 – $45.50

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