The Estrous Detector provides producers with an easy to use and inexpensive solution to accurately identify estrous and not miss another cycle. Determine precisely when to mate by pinpointing forthcoming estrous to increase breeding success, without the frequent false positives, inaccuracies and breakage or losses common with other devices The DRAMINSKI EDC 2 Estrous detector for cows and mares: Allows for the detection of symptomless estrous (so-called silent estrous) Makes it easier to determine an optimum mating time for females with atypical estrous cycles. Increases the effectiveness of insemination.


Effective heat detection is often the most limiting factor in an artificial insemination program. Heat detection can also be used to monitor onset of puberty in heifers, regularity of estrous cycles in breeding age females, and breeding effectiveness of natural service sires via returns to heat in the cow herd


  • Confirm the most optimal time to mate for more pregnancies
  • Detect asymptomatic estrous (silent heat)
  • Make insemination more effective
  • Affordable, durable and easy to use
  • Light, ergonomic, water and shock resistant casing


Technical data
Approximate unit weight540 g
Dimensions51 x 8 x 19 cm
Probe length43 cm
Power supplyfour 1.5 V AA type batteries (LR6)
Battery status indicationgraphic
Battery low indicationautomatic
Power consumptionfrom 11 mA to 54 mA
(depending on the set backlight intensity)
Measurement controlsingle chip microcomputer
Estimated continuous working time on one alkaline battery pack209 hours – brightness set to 0%
95 hours – brightness set to 30%
DisplayLCD display with LED backlighting, diagonal 2.4“
Data transmissionvia USB
Updatevia USB
Data recordinginternal memory
Memory capacity250 animals / 200,000 measurements with date and time
Measurement range0-1,000 units
Additional functionsreal time clock, LED backlighting,
pop-up menu, saving the results,
software for data transmission and analysis (reports, graphs, printouts, archiving),
independent software update
Measurement resolution10 units
Recommended working temperaturefrom 10° to 45°C
Recommended storage temperaturefrom 5° to 50°C
EAN code5906874410141


$364.74- $540.00.

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