There are many different types of farm irrigation systems currently in use today and are included in the four main categories of flood, sprinkler, drip, and micro irrigation. Water pumps may be used to irrigate crops. An irrigation tool is any type of tool or device that is used to design, maintain, and/or repair irrigation systems. Irrigation tools are typically sold under several main categories, including drip and underground irrigation tools, sprinklers, hoses, and irrigation timers.

Farm Irrigation equipment can be divided into:

pipes; •

pipe connector fittings;

• flow control devices; •


• fertigation equipment; •

water emitters;

• automation equipment; •

operation equipment;

• water-lifting devices.

List of Some Farm Irrigation Equipment

Rain Gun Pivot Irrigation Equipment

PP Pipe Clamp Saddle Connector 25mm Farm Irrigation Equipment

High Productivity of Agricultural Two Wheels Jp 75-300 Hose Reel Water Irrigation Sprinkler EquipmentFarm Machine

Farm Hose Reel Irrigation Equipment

Watering Can (Plastic | 14 Liters Capacity)

Irrigation Rain Gun (30m | 40m | 50m Spray Radius)

Special Irrigation Package (Combo)

Adjustable Mist Nozzle With 8/11 Flat Mouth Tee

Center Pivot Irrigation Farm Irrigation Equipment

Prices of Farm Irrigation Equipment

 US $ 4000-79000 / Piece

$ 4000-79000 / Piece

N 65,000- 85,000

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