Sow comfort and piglet safety are key to maximizing farrowing-room productivity. Providing workers with easy access to the sow and litter ensures that critical tasks, daily observations and animal care get the priority treatment they deserve. Those aspects, along with our commitment to high-quality, durable materials, drive the design and manufacturing of the Farmweld A-Crate for farrowing. Farmweld Farrowing Products promote comfort, health and safety for both the sow and litter, keeping workers safe and the farrowing house productive.Lange Ag Systems is a distributor of farrowing and gestation penning. Farrowing penning is designed to provide the room for the sow to give birth, and also provide the room for her litter during farrowing and nursing while ensuring that the piglets survive. Gestation penning keeps sows separated, prevent fighting, reduce sow abortion loss and injury, and enable you to have better record keeping of your sows.

Farmweld is an innovation leader. The company is on the forefront of wean-to-finish technology and a leader in the design of products that reduce waste and promote pig comfort and labor savings. When swine producers buy Farmweld equipment, they enlist a team of energetic, competent people geared to help them achieve their goals. From the sales people who carefully help determine what’s needed to equip a facility, to the AutoCAD operators who design a project, the welders who build feeders and the warehouse personnel who oversee shipping, customer satisfaction is the priority

Prices of Farmweld Farrowing Crates


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