Fish feed extruder,also called fish feed pellet mill,is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquctic feed pellets for fish,catfish,shrimps,crab etc.The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste,high nutrition and smooth textures.For feeds of fish and shrimp,the floating time no water surface can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment when extruding the pellets.Currently,floating fish feed extruder has become an ideal for small and medium fish farm(catfish,tilapia,shrimp etc.) grain grinder machine is also named hammer mill crusher,corn hammer mill etc.


It is a kind of machine used to crush the corn,grain,dry oilcake,It is multifunctional,also can crush the dry
straw,grass,stalk,plastic,small tree branches,wood chips,etc.The hammer mill produces 200kg — 2000kg / h, which can meet the daily production needs.
The core part — the hammer is scientifically designed with two impact parts, so when one part wears out, you can roll over and use the other part.
Rough grinding and fine grinding can be achieved by adjusting the gap between the hammer and the screen.
Change the size of the screen and the variable speed inverter control so that the same crusher can process various raw materials.Equipped with a blower, the pulverized material can be collected directly and transported to the next step for further processing.


1) Crusher—-To crush the raw material into powder.  
2) Mixer ——-To make all kinds of powder mixed evenly. 
3) Extruder—-To make many kinds of feed pellet. Such as fish feed, pet feed.
4) Dryer——–To remove the extra moisture of the pellet.
5) Cooler—— To reduce the temperature of the pellet after dring.
6) Packaging– After cooling the feed pellet, we could package it.


1.Powered by both diesel engine ,gasoline and motor,PTO driven.
2.High efficiency centrifugal,high pressure.
3.Low noises,low wear rate,pressure roller die long service life.
4.Pellet Machine can equipped wheel,move around.
5.Machine can be used for making feed pellet,also make wood pellets.


Materialstainless steel,alloy steel
Driving typegear drive
Functionfeed pellets pressing
Raw materialgrain and grass
Pellet size2-12mm

Prices of Feed Mill Machine:  

$378.00 – $20,000.00

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