Feed Pellet Machine this pellet machine adopts 15KW motor, the output per hour is 600KG.Mainly used for wood animal feed granulation, including Chicken, duck, pig, cow, sheep catfish and so on. the size of our grinding disc is 2-12mm you can choose. The machine adopts belt drive. Compared with the counterpart shaft drive machine, our machine has low noise, high output and long service life, and our machine does not need to be filled with oil. Take 5 kg of mixed material or rice bran plus 0.5-1 kg of plant oil, mix up all of them together, divide the mixture into two heaps, about 1.5 kg each.
The machine consists of motor, drive shaft gear, flat die mould, pressure roller, feed hopper, cutter, out the hopper several parts.
pellet feed machine, mechanical circular motion, diesel engine, motor-driven drive shaft, gearbox gear shift to the spindle and templates, the template rub dynamic pressure rotary, in the the pressure roller pressurized squeezed, materials extruded from the flat die mould hole cutter segment last to get out of the particles from the feed opening.

Uses/benefits of Feed Pellet Machine:

This machine is widely used for process all kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic floating or sinking feed pellet for fish,catfish,shrimps,crab. It also can make pet feed for dog,cat etc with different shape and chicken feed.

Features of Feed Pellet Machine:

pellet machine is manufactured with a special process, the machine processing of grain and smooth surface, moderate hardness particles specifications are free to replace the adjustment. The feed particle internal curing high degree of both starch gelatinization, protein coagulation degeneration, improve nutritional quality, easy digestion and absorption, but also kill the general pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Through the mould compression ratio adjustment, you can reduce the temperature of the granulation to produce animal feed, organic fertilizer, fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and other low-temperature materials, granulation.

Specification of Feed Pellet Machine:

ModelCapacityScrew diamaterMain powerFeeding powerCutting power

Prices of Feed Pellet Machine:

$350.00 – $22,000.00

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