Fish Meal For Poultry Feed Price

Fishmeal is made from fish that are ground, cooked, and processed. There are two basic categories of fishmeal: fishmeal produced from fish caught for human consumption, such as salmon and tuna, and fishmeal produced from fish caught specifically for meal, such as herring, menhaden, and pollack. In the United States, menhaden is the fish most commonly used for fishmeal. Meals made from herring, anchovy, ocean perch (sometimes referred to as redfish), and whitefish are also available. Herring and anchovies are oil-type fish that are processed much like menhaden. Ocean perch is not an oily fish. Fishmeal made from ocean perch, which is caught primarily for human consumption, is the filleting waste from the processing of the fish. The term whitefish refers to cod, haddock, hake, flounder, and pollack. These fish are also caught for human consumption, and the by-products are converted to fishmeal for use in animal feeds.

Counted amongst one of the top organizations, we are engaged in offering Steam Dried Fish Meal to our customers. Widely acknowledged and accredited for their exceptional fine standards, these offered products are highly in demand. Moreover, we deliver them to our customers on time in high grade & good packing material.Features: Precisely processed Purity Non hazardous Specifications: Protein More than 60%Moisture Less than 10%Sand Less than 2%Salt Less than 4% Fat Less than 10% Antioxidant150 PPM Mode of Packing: Packing is done in new P.P., bags, each bag weighing 50 Kgs., Gross.The fish meal that we provide be made by cooking, pressing, drying, and grinding of fish or fish waste to which no other matter has been added. It is a solid product from which most of the water is removed and some or all of the oil is removed.The quality indicators have exceeded the level of fish meal requirements prescribed by the state, the product has a stable and reliable quality, freshness is good, fish powder flavor, protein content is high, easy to decompose,digest and absorb.

Features of Fish Meal For Poultry Feed

1. livestock feed for pigs, chickens and other animal feed, these feeds need to contain high-quality protein, especially young pigs and chickens. Because young animals are in vigorous growth, they need larger proportion of protein requirements.
2. aquatic animal feed for aquatic animals such as fish, crab, shrimp and other feed protein main raw materials. add fish meal to ensure that aquatic animals grow faster.
3.fur animal feed for some fur animals such as fox, raccoon and other feed, fur animals are mostly carnivorous, the growth of protein demand, high quality fish meal as a protein raw material is the first choice for these animal feed ingredients. feed for dog and other pet feed, can increase the pet disease resistance and promote growth and other effects. any one of the high-grade pet food processors shop need fish meal as the feed ingredients.

Product Specification

ItemsRequested in standardResult
Appearancedark yellow to light brown Conforms
Crude protein46%  min46.15%
Crude Fat1.0% min1.10%
Crude Fiber3.0% max2.20%
Moisture10 % max8.22%
Calcium 0.20%
Phosphorus 0.65%
Total amino acid 4.50%
Total Digestible Nutrients73%  min78.00%

Prices of Fish Meal For Poultry Feed

$130.00-$300.00/ Bag

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