Fish feed making machine is also named fish feed extruder, and it is used for processing for dogs and cats (pet food), birds, piglets, frogs, sinking and floating aquatic feeds for fish. Which is high and new technical program as to catch the developing pet food market. CE certificate best price floating aquarium fish feed pellet food making machine mainly use maize, fish powder, meat powder and some food additive as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, roasting, flavoring to get the final puffed pet food. This line is fully automatic, high capacity and with different of shapes. It can produce such as cat food, dog food, fish food, bird food and so on.

Uses/benefits of Floating Fish Feed Machine:

It is widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. 

2. The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth textures.

3. The pellets floating time on water surface can be adjusted by the extrusion degree. 

4. Currently, floating fish feed exturder has become an ideal equipment for small and medium fish farm (catfish, tilapia, shrimp etc) holders or fish feed processing plant.

Features of Floating Fish Feed Machine:

Automatic large high capacity mini cheap kibble wet pet jam center snack biscuit pedigree dry pellet dog food making machine can
produce all kinds of pet food, including dog, cat, fox, bird and so on. It uses twin-screw extruder, the whole work flow can be
controlled exactly by parameter. Different raw material and nutrient elements can be added together according to advanced
formula,so the final products are tasty and easy to digest.
· dog food making machine water content is below 12%
· Digestibility can reach 70%
· Nutrition is comprehensive and balanced
· Easy to carry, long shelf life

Specification of Floating Fish Feed Machine:

TypeScrew diameter(mm)Capacity(t/h)Engine power(kw)Feeding power(kw)Cutting power(kw)Machine size(cm)Weight (kg)

Prices of Floating Fish Feed Machine:

  • $3,280.00 – $45,150.00

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