The Fluval Chi is a unique aquarium that offers an entirely new way to look at your fish. With its innovative design and incredible features, this aquarium has become one of the most sought-after products in the industry. The Fluval Chi comes with a variety of accessories that make it even more versatile. Fluval Chi Heater: The Fluval Chi Heater ensures that your aquarium stays at a consistent temperature all year round. This heater is suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums and can be placed inside or outside the tank.

Fluval Chi Filter: The Fluval Chi Filter helps keep the water clean by filtering out debris and harmful substances from the water. It comes with two different filters, including a carbon filter and a mechanical filter, which can be used together or separately depending on what type of filtration you need for your aquarium.

Fluval Chi Light: The Fluval Chi Light provides extra lighting for your tank so you can see your fish clearly during daytime hours as well as nighttime hours when they come out to play. It’s easy to install with adjustable clips that allow you to place it anywhere inside the tank where you want more light intensity

Description of Fluval Chi Accessories

A Fluval Chi accessory is a device that can be used in conjunction with your aquarium. While they are not necessary, they do offer a variety of benefits to both you and your fish.

First, it’s important to note the difference between accessories and other products—namely filters and heaters—that come included with the aquarium kit. Accessories are separate items that can be added on top of these two basic necessities, while they function alongside them. Filters and heaters maintain water quality by filtering out debris or raising temperatures within an enclosed environment. Accessories add on to or enhance these functions by offering additional tools for monitoring water parameters or keeping fish healthy respectively.

Types of Fluval Chi Accessories

There are many different types of Fluval Chi accessories. These include:

  • Fluval Chi Aquarium Decorations (such as plants and stones) that you can use to make the aquarium look more attractive and natural.
  • Fluval Chi Aquarium Plants (including live aquatic plants and artificial plants).
  • Fluval Chi Aquarium Stones, Rocks & Gravel which can be used to create a variety of natural-looking effects in your aquarium.
  • Driftwood is also available for those looking for a more realistic setting for their fish tank.


The Fluval Chi Heater is a device that you can use to increase the temperature of your aquarium. This heater has been designed for use with the Fluval Chi Aquarium Kits and comes in at a size of 6 x 3 x 2 inches. It also weighs 1 pound and features an adjustable thermostat, which will allow you to set your ideal fish tank temperature with ease.

The Fluval Chi Heater costs $26.99 on Amazon, but if you purchase it from Walmart or another retailer instead of Amazon, you may save some money in shipping charges.

Once your heater arrives at home and you’ve set up your aquarium kit accordingly, there are several steps that you should take before using this accessory:

  • You’ll need to plug it into an electrical outlet (make sure there are no obstructions between where the cord connects with both ends). If there aren’t any outlets nearby then consider buying a power strip so that multiple items can be plugged into one socket instead.

Filter (Stage 2)

The Fluval Chi filter stage 2 is a mechanical filter that removes waste and debris from the water. This is a very useful accessory for the Fluval Chi aquarium, as it helps keep your fish healthy. It is also very easy to install and to clean.

Fluval Chi decorative waterfall

Fluval Chi decorative waterfall

The Fluval Chi decorative waterfall is a great way to customize your aquarium and add a bit of natural beauty. The water-fall flows down over the rocks, creating a calming motion that will relax you as soon as you walk into the room. The compact design of this waterfall means it can be placed pretty much anywhere in your home or office.

Fluval Chi decorative plant

  • Fluval Chi decorative plant
  • Fluval Chi decorative waterfall

More Fluval Chi Accessories

In addition to the standard accessories that come with the Fluval Chi aquarium, you can add more accessories to enhance your experience. These include:

  • Fluval Chi Decorative Plant
  • Fluval Chi Decorative Waterfall

Specifications of Fluval Chi Accessories

  • The dimensions of the accessories are:
  • The Fluval Chi Accessory Set is 6.5″ wide, 4.5″ tall and 1″ thick.
  • The Fluval Chi Base is 4.5″ wide and 2.25″ deep.
  • The weight of the accessories is 0.7 ounces (20 grams).
  • Both items are made from plastic and have a black finish with an opaque appearance that does not appear to be glossy or matte (although I did not test for these qualities).

Maintenance of Fluval Chi Accessories

The maintenance of the Fluval Chi accessories is very simple and straightforward. It can be done with a piece of cloth, warm water and mild soap.

You should clean your tank once every week. You will need to remove any accumulated debris from the aquarium with a sponge or soft cloth and then rinse it thoroughly in fresh water. After cleaning, make sure that all filters are replaced back into their respective slots before putting the lid back on your tank. If needed, use an algae scraper to remove any algae build up on glass surfaces or decorations within the aquarium and then rinse again with fresh water prior to replacing any decorations back inside (if applicable).

Price of Fluval Chi Accessories

The price of Fluval Chi Accessories depends on the type and model of your aquarium. For example, the price of a Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit is less than that of a Fluval Chi Starter Kit because it contains more accessories. The size and model also affect the price; for example, a 12-gallon starter kit is less expensive than a 24-gallon aquarium kit.

The prices listed below are based on Amazon’s standard shipping options:

  • $66.99 – 8 Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Light (24 x 12 x 17 inches)
  • $102 – 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Light (30 x 15 x 20 inches)

In Conclusion

The Fluval Chi aquarium has been a big hit since it was released in 2008. With its relatively small footprint and large glass top, it’s the perfect size for those looking to set up an attractive tank in a limited space. As well as being easy on the eye, the Fluval Chi is easy to maintain, with few parts that need regular cleaning or replacement. However, there are accessories available for this tank that can make your life even easier.

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