Fly tying is made easier when your tools, hooks and materials are easily stored. Our Fly Tying Station lets you spend more time tying and less time looking. This large 11-1/2″L x 8-1/2″W x 3″H wooden station sports receptacles for up to 12 tools. A socket holds your vise securely for tying stability.A 9-1/4″L x 7-1/2″W x 1-3/4″D drawer stores your most used materials. Three spaces hold round and square bottles. Materials and Book to get you started. DRY FLY– XFISHMAN’s standard dry fly hook. Its slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller sizes makes it the most popular all-purpose hook for dry fly work. Black finished. fly hooks are made with fly fishing in mind. And since a sharp, strong hook may be the single most important component in your fly fishing gear. -Clearwater fly tying hook assortments come packaged in an hook pallet. The most popular sizes and styles of each variety of hook. Example: selection you would receive sizes10, 12, 14, 16,18,20

Features of Fly Tying Equipment:

  • Classic Set: 7-piece knotted set, each individual tool has its own use, conbines both reality and classic element.
  • Appearance: the case of the tying kit is black with contrasting hue of the interior red color adds the beauty. The built-in red flannel never scratch the knotter.
  • Protection: the built-in elastic strip of the knot tying kit fixes the knotters to a certain extent, protecting the knot kits from shaking even in a bumpy truck.
  • Function: featured hook-shaped sharpener, wire cutter, clamp eye cleaner / knot knotter and knotter combination, D-ring for easy connection.
  • Service: SF, dedicated to provide best quality and service for anglers who love fishing, has specialized in fishing tackle supplies 5 years. Any question, please feel free to contact us. We are honorable to support you


  • Favorable Price for 5 in 1 Combo Including 2Pcs Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tools, 2 Pcs Common Zinger Retractors Tools, 1Pcs Special Zinger Retractor for Forceps or Bigger Stuff.
  • Fishing Tying Knot Tool 4-in-1 Multifunction Fly Fishing Knot-Tying Tool, Line Clipper, Hook Sharpener and Hook Eye Cleaner.
  • Fishing Tying Knot Tool Made of Premium Stainless Steel with Non-slip Grip, Which Means Non-Slip, Anti-Rust and Sturdy Use.
  • Fishing Zinger Retractor 3Pcs 1.5 Ounce Retraction Force. Equipped with retractable reel Nylon Cord, Attach to Your Fishing Vest and Keep Your Gears Always Handy and Never Lost
  • One Special Zinger Retractor]Designed with Bigger Size of Strip to perfectly Secure Forceps or Bigger Stuff.


Place of OriginChina
Brand NameFine fishing
Typefly tying material
Coloras picture
Delivery Timefast delivery

Prices of Fly Tying Equipment:

$16.19 – $215.97

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