Fly Tying Thread: From the Veevus Company of Denmark comes a range of materials that have been causing a storm in the fly tying community VEEVUS THREADS The Veevus 8 0 is a flat unwaxed thread ideal if you wish to split your thread for entering dubbing etc The thread will lay very flat on the hook thus minimizing bulk or can be corded up to give extra strength A unique benefit of all the Veevus threads is their strength compared with other major brands: UNI 8 0 around 450g Gudebrod 8 0 around 450g UTC 70 around 453g VEEVUS 8 0 above 1kg 100 meters on a standard sized spool.

VEEVUS, based in Denmark, has created a range of light, strong thread with wide selections of colors. Their thread has breaking strengths above comparable sizes of other companies, in some cases by substantial margins. A pleasure to tie with and splits easily for dubbing! 100 meters per spool.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong, high breaking point
  • Wide color selection
  • Easily Split for dubbing
  • Quality material

Features :

1. This premium nylon thread has consistent high quality and uniformity to assure beautiful, even and secure wraps.

2. This is the same thread used extensively by leading rod manufacturers – and top custom rod-builders – so you know it’ll perform as promised on your own masterpieces.

3. A must for every serious rod-builder’s bench.

4. Sizes to match nearly every application and need.

5. Plus, there’s a great color selection that allows you to match or complement almost any color scheme to create your own, personal distinctive look.


Manufacturer Part Number8V132
ColorFluorescent Green
Clothing Size8/0

Prices of Fly Tying Thread:

$1.60 – $8.68

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