Frabill Dual Bait Bucket With Aerator The familiar Frabill Aqua Life Dual Fish Bait Bucket with Clip on Aerator has gotten a whole lot more functional. Your fishing trips will never be the same. Frabill has overhauled its entire lineup and is introducing 5 new bucket options. Each features new, more durable construction and adds a series of innovative lid designs to help you maintain the health of your bait. The Dual Bait Bucket includes a clip-on aerator and a storage compartment built-in to the lid for worms or other bait separate from minnows. With an insulated liner, you can feel confident storing your bait inside. With an easy-to-carry handle you are ready to grab this and go. Maximize your time and efficiency on the lake by reducing the number of lost and dead bait. The more bait, the better fishing. Frabill Aqua Life Dual Fish Bait Bucket with Clip on Aerator is ready for the lake.

Aeration Instructions:. 1) Remove back of aerator unit,. 2) Insert batteries in the same direction as shown inside compartment. 3) Attach aerator hose to output on top of aerator unit. 4) Insert hose through hole in lid. 5) Insert plastic end of aerator stone into aerator hose end that is inside bucket. 6) Turn switch on. Aerator runs on two (2) D batteries (not included)


  • Lid features compartment to store worms or other bait separate from minnows
  • Usable space
  • Insulated
  • Aerated
  • Saltwater and freshwater tested
  • Quite portable aeration system
  • Complete aeration system
  • includes portable aerator
  • Buillt- in lid compartment for worms or other bait 
  • Insulated Liner


  • Frabill Portable Aerator Live Bait Management System is dependable and easy to use
  • Effectively aerates up to 6 gallons of water
  • Runs on two D batteries to keep bait lively and fresh
  • Designed and tested to keep freshwater/saltwater baitfish healthy and active
  • Can convert any size cooler or livewell into an oxygen-rich aquarium


Manufacturer Part Number4823
Assembled Product Weight2.5 oz
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)11.63 x 11.63 x 10.57 Inches

Prices of Frabill Dual Bait Bucket With Aerator:

$22.22 – $85.25

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