The unique all new fully automatic invention the Butterfly crush filler gate for all livestock crushes ,  The all new butterfly crush filler gate allows livestock to enter from the back of a typical cattle crush. Its design has two separate hinged rotations or motions which lift up and out as the livestock enters hence (the butterfly wings). This mechanism opens automatically as the animals enter the crush without any restriction, Once the animal has passed through the gate it is physically impossible for the animal to reverse out of the crush. It has adjustable wings which close vertically & horizontally around the back of the animal. Its design allows for free flowing of animal traffic in one direction only. The butterfly cattle crush filler gate can be placed at any segment of the crush, commonly the most appropriate position would be at one animals distance from the very end of the crush to allow the cycle to begin without any congestion. If perhaps the need arises for the animal to be let back, this can be easily performed by pulling an adjustment pin which in turn can be put in place to lock the gate open.


Fully Automatic Crush Gate  Our crush gate is a heavy-duty gate with an adjustable neck width to suit all size of animals, semi-automatic for increased safety while handling cattle with the unique feature of locking open to easily empty the race.


  • Galvanised finished on heavy duty steel
  • Single lever to open, easy to operate
  • Gate adjusts to suit size of animal
  • Auto closes as animal tries to pass through
  • Safe, secure handling equipment
  • •Connected safely to the front of the crush.
  • •Quick attach allows it to be easily released and used elsewhere.
  • •Significantly reduces the time, energy and hassle in restraining livestock.
  • •Ideal for both large scale units and one man operations .
  • •Dual Model which works on both left and right hand


Product Name Mulity-Use Cattle Horse Squeeze Chute with Scale
Overall size3050mm x 725mm x 1740mm
Main material40mm x 40mm x 1.6mmRHS,55mm x 30mm x 1.6mmoval pipe, 2.5mm checked plate 
Surface1)powder coated or hot dip galvanized
Maximum weight of scale2T
Scale displayLED display


$1,608.73- $2,888.00

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