As part of Gallagher’s continuous goal to provide the most innovative systems and tools to help producers manage their livestock, Gallagher recently launched the W110 Entry Level Weigh System for livestock and general purpose weighing.  This is the first weighing system with these capabilities sold for under $1K in North America.  When raising or showing livestock, the regular weighing of animals is vital to increased productivity and profitability.  Measuring factors such as animal weights is vital not only to improving animal and herd performance, but ensuring the producer’s bottom line as well.  In fact, well informed management decision come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate, as the width of the animal can have significant impact on the breeding performance and health of the animal.

Gallagher’s W110 Livestock Weighing System is an easy to use portable entry-level system with a 3,300 lb. weighing capacity.  The galvanized steel chassis load bars fit most platform sizes and come pre-calibrated to the indicator.  “This system comes with a weigh scale indicator, mounting bracket and load bars,” says Scott Rooney, Gallagher’s Product Specialist. “The unit’s tough construction allows for all weather outdoor usage. In addition to operating on four AA batteries, the plug and play system enables easy portability and convenience, making it very attractive to youth stock show enthusiast as well as FFA and 4H activities.

Uses/benefits of Gallagher Cattle Scales:

An investment in a weighing system is the first step for farmers looking for the next major improvement on-farm productivity. A weighing system helps you:

  • Determine the optimum time to sell stock and minimise the risk of not meeting market specifications for maximum returns
  • Make better selling and purchasing decisions
  • Indicate the health status of animals
  • Identify whether you are on track to meet liveweight targets – either for mating of heifers or hoggets or for the sale of finishing stock
  • Optimise the production of pregnant and non-pregnant females by monitoring their liveweight
  • Evaluate genetic differences in lines of animals or produce estimates of genetic potential

Features of Gallagher Cattle Scales:

  • Animal weighing and data collection system enabling improved livestock management and performance
  • Provides immediate access to detailed animal information, anywhere, at anytime – in the yard, office, or on the farm
  • Tough farm ready design for all weather uses
  • Full color outdoor readable touch screen with large touch buttons
  • Full integration with loadbars, EID readers, auto drafters and other management software
  • Award-winning Animal Performance Software (APS) including yard mode and office mode interface:
    • APS Yard is intuitive, simple to use and touch operated for rapid recording and retrieval of information on individual animals or groups of animals
    • APS Office allows comprehensive analysis and reporting of animal information collected previously in yards or on farm, and can be used on either the TSi or Windows PC
  • Access individual animal or herd information display screens at the touch of a button, while in the yard
  • Evaluate breeding performance with a graphical family tree
  • Predict number of animals within a desired weight range at a given date
  • Comprehensive drafting capability. Draft by weight, EID number or any other user-defined rule
  • 4 GB memory allows storage capacity for at least 100,000 animals
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers and drafters.
  • Advanced inventory reporting allows detailed reports of livestock inventory ‘on’ or ‘off’ the farm
  • Advanced stock availability reporting allowing prediction of number of animals within a desired weight range at given date.
  • Supplied with hard wearing carry case, memory stick and mounting bracket
  • Internal lithium ion battery provides up to 8 hours’ continuous use
  • Speech function delivers audible animal information for hands free operation.

Specification of Gallagher Cattle Scales:

Part No.100731100732100733100734100735100736100737100738100739

Prices of Gallagher Cattle Scales:

$900.00 – $4,500.00

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