Gallup Home & Garden is the ideal personal garden use weedkiller. A glyphosate based product, it is one of the strongest weedkillers available and will deal with most weeds such as, docks, grasses, nettles, dandelion and bindweed upon first application. The product leaves no lasting residues or odours and is inactive upon touching soil, so once the area is dry it will be safe to get back into the garden. Home & Garden works well with personal knapsack sprayers, simply dilute 30ml of the chemical per litre of water (e.g A 5L Sprayer will require 150ml of Gallup). A complimentary pair of gloves and a 60ml measuring cup will be included with your purchase.


Gallup Home and Garden weed killer is a glyphosate herbicide solution suitable for most applications to kill weeds from the root. It is a concentrated 360 g/l glyphosate herbicide with a professional formulation suitable for home and garden use. Glyphosate is a non-selective systemic herbicide absorbed through the leaf and stalk to kill the entire weed. It is suitable to be used at all times of year, particularly during the growth season. It is inert in the soil after use so leaves no dangerous residue.

It is very important that once applied you give the weed killer time to act. Don’t start to worry if you haven’t seen any change after 2-3 days and do not be tempted to re-apply. Providing that you have diluted and applied the product as directed then within 3-6 days you will see your treated areas changing. Initially the weeds begin to look a little ‘under the weather’ then, as the days pass, they will droop and their colour will start to change. One application is all that is required. If your growth is very thick then you may find that the larger weeds will receive much of the first spray. Once these start to fall away then the smaller weeds may require a second application.

Features of Gallup Weed Killer

  • Super Strong Weed Killer – Extremely powerful weedkilling solution, effective against most types of garden variety weeds
  • Made with Glyphosate – The main component of this product, once absorbed into the root-system it will kill weeds quickly and effectively.
  • Fast Acting Product – Once fully absorbed, weeds will begin showing signs of decay 2 weeks after application
  • Dilution Instructions – For best results, mix 20ml of weed killer per 1L of water (e.g 5L Sprayer will require 100ml of Clinic Up)
  • Professional Product – This product is fully intended for use by qualified personnel, this is not for domestic use

Uses/benefits of Gallup Weed Killer

  • FOR HOME USE – Can be used in your garden without the need of a spraying certificate, contains the same amount of glyphosate as professional grade weedkillers.
  • STRONG WEEDKILLER – Effectively controls annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds, kills most weeds within a single application.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH PERSONAL SPRAYERS – Perfect for use with a knapsack sprayer, simply dilute 30ml of weedkiller per litre of water
  • USE RESPONSIBLY – Do not spray in rainy or windy conditions, do not walk on treated area until dry.

How to Use Gallup Weed Killer

  • Do not spray in windy conditions or if rainfall is due within 6 hours.
  • For best results, wait until the weeds have enough leaves to absorb the spray sufficiently.
  • Mix the required amount of solution using the guide below or the instructions provided with each bottle.
  • Avoid walking on sprayed areas as transfer to lawns and plants may cause them harm.
  • Replanting and cultivation can occur after 7 days of treating an area once the weeds are visibly dead (black/tarnished leaves etc).

Application Rates

  • 15ml per 1L of water for annual grasses, annual broad leavened weeds
  • 25ml per 1L of water for most other perennial weeds
  • Ideal months to spray are spring to early winter (April-October)
  • If used with a knapsack, 240ml of solution per 10L of water covers 400 square metres.


Part number‎GALLUP_HG_2L+CG_AMZ
Item Weight‎2.46 kg
Package Dimensions‎18.6 x 15.3 x 10.5 cm; 2.46 Kilograms
Manufacturer reference‎GALLUP_HG_2L+CG_AMZ
Size‎2 Litres
Batteries included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No

Prices of Gallup Weed Killer

$44.99 – $58.27

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