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Uses/benefits of Garden Ploughing Machine

  • Durable powder-coated Steel frame with cushion-grip handles
  • 6 interchangeable seed plates accommodate up to 20 different types of seed
  • 30-Inch rotating wheel row marker for uniform planting
  • Plow and wide rear wheel to cover soil over seeds aiding in successful germination
  • Easy push design rolls easily over cultivated dirt and convenient kickstand helps to stabilize when not in use

Features of Garden Ploughing Machine

1. It’s a multi-function machine which can be tilling, fertilizing, seeding, weeding, ditching etc by replace different implements.

2. Suitable for mountainous areas and small piece of land. It has reverse gear and instant stop protector, with the compact body operates smart, convenient and safe, it has been widely used in arid land, paddy field, greenhouse and fruit garden etc.

3. New type mini tiller is direct connection transmission mode, which reducing the power loss during transmission, make more power for tilling.

4. The Standard configuration: 1 pair rubber wheels and 1 pair rotavator knives, the working width of rotavator knives adjustable. It can also equip with weeding wheel.


Name of model/1WGQ4-65 micro cultivator
Structure Type/R Front □ rear □ handheld
Matching Engine Type Name/FC170-1 gasoline engine
Supporting Engine Production Enterprises/Chongqing Fuchai Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Matching Engine Calibration PowerkW4.0
Matching Engine Calibration Speedr/min3600
Supporting Engine Starting Mode/Rebound hand-drawn rope starting
Type of Engine Fuel/Gasoline
Dimensions (length × width × height)mm1940×670×880
Operating speedm/s0.4-0.6
Lift vibrationm/s2≤12
Working hours productivityhm2/(h·m)0.1-0.15
Fuel consumption per unit area of workkg/hm2≤25
Width of workmm650
Engine output drive mode/Triangular belt drive
Tool roller drive modeGear drive
Adjustable range of handlebars (horizontal direction)(º)90
Handle adjustment amplitude (vertical)30
Roller design speedr/min120.180
Maximum turning radius of cutter rollermm165
Total number of cutter heads installed/24
Type of rotary knife/T165
Type of main clutch/Rising Disparities
Main clutch status/Regular
Type of Paddy Field Wheel Structure//
Diameter of paddy field wheelsmm/

Pricesa of Garden Ploughing Machine


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