Gardena Lawn Sprinkler

The ideal watering solution for every garden, be it a small or a larger area – we have a sprinkler to meet your needs and help you maintain or create the perfect lawn. In the modern GARDENA Sprinkler range, there is a sprinkler for almost every garden size and shape. Use the filter below to find the right sprinkler for your needs. Quiet and easy-to-handle sprinklers for small up to large areas in the garden. With multifarious settings.

Uses of Gardena Lawn Sprinkler

Gardena Lawn Sprinkler is a system in which water is applied through sprinklers and distributed through pipelines to the field. This flexible and reliable system provides uniform water application over the entire field

  • Types
    • Oscillating Sprinkler
    • Sprinkler System
    • Circular Sprinkler
    • Tripod Sprinkler
    • Impact Rotor
    • Pulse Sprinkler
    • Spray Sprinkler
    • Turbo-Drive Sprinkler


  • Fully adjustable controls for width, length and water flow – area coverage of 76 sq. ft. – 2300 sq. ft.
  • Compact oscillating sprinkler for the smallest areas
  • 16 flexible rubber nozzles for even water distribution
  • Sealed turbo gear driven unit
  • Large Sled base for stability

Prices of Gardena Lawn Sprinkler

$130.97- $106.93

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