Brooding involves rearing baby chicks-as newly hatched chicks do not fully develop the thermo-regulatory mechanism and homeostasis. Thus, it is often difficult to maintain the body temperature properly for the first few weeks of life-as birds might be subjected to chilling if not properly introduced to a regulated heat source. Brooding can be classified into natural and artificial brooding. Gas brooders help provide a source of heat for floor reared chicks. They utilize natural gas or methane, connected to a heating element-hanged 3 to 5 feet above the chick/pen floor.

  1. This product works well with brooder guards (often in a diameter of 5 feet-which can hold about 200 chicks).
  2. Thus, the brooder guard is raised in the middle of the circle.
  3. The maximum heat source from this device can serve up to 1000 or more brooding birds
  4. Recommended gas use is 0.2kg/hr for 1000 capacity brooder and 0.4kg/hr for the 2000 birds capacity.
  5. This brooder does not come with a thermostat, thus it works via manual adjustment of the gas-flow/know and height level to control heat intensity. Kindly click here to buy the digital temperature and humidity meter which can be adapted as well.
  6. The 2000 capacity is based on pre-order and could take 3 weeks to deliver.


  • All-Round Heating Achieve omni-directional direct heating object, improve the heat energy conversion capacity, conversion rate up to 95%. This product can provide sufficient energy consumption for 500-600 chickens and ducklings.
  • Infrared Gas Brooder Support natural gas NG, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), biogas gas heating incubator. Under the action of catalyst, the activation energy of combustible gas can be reduced, so that the gas source with low calorific value, such as biogas, can be close to full combustion.
  • Easy To Use The thermostat automatically controls the ignition and temperature, connects the system (connected to 220V power supply), sets the temperature, and opens the switch on the control box.
  • Installation Distance Incubators need to be 0.9-1.5m /2.9-4.9ft away from small animals, and thermocouples need to be 15-25cm / 5.9-9.8inaway from the ground.
  • Environmental Protection & Wide Application Excellent environmental protection effect, CO and other compounds in tail gas basically do not produce, do not pollute the environment. Application for greenhouse farming, animal larva insulation, hatching, indoor, factory and other hanging heating, terrace and cafe heating.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Chicken Incubator
Material: Alloy
Gas Type: Natural Gas NG/ LPG/ Methane
Ignition Temperature: ≤350℃
Complete Combustion Temperature: ≤380℃
Heat Source Temperature: 850-950℃
Heating Temperature Range: Normal Temperature -850℃
Maximum Wavelength Range: 1.9um–15um
Furnace Pressure: 2000PA (NG) 2800PA (LPG) 8000Kpa (methane)
Gas Source: Liquefied gas, natural gas, biogas
Application: Greenhouse farming, animal larva insulation, hatching, indoor, factory and other hanging heating, terrace, cafe heating
Size: Approx. 32.5 x 27.5 x 12.5cm / 12.8 x 10.8 x 4.9in
Weight: Approx. 1973g / 4.3lb
Cable Connector: Please connect 220Vac power, blue, yellow and green should connect with the corresponding color of igniter


$363.09 – $563.09

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