Flemish giants are the largest of all domesticated rabbits, reaching a weight of up to 15 pounds as adults. Their overall size is attractive to potential owners, as well as their docile temperaments. But where can you find such a breathtaking beast? If you recently stumbled across the breed on your rabbit search, you might worry that these rabbits are pricey or unaffordable. But let’s break down the costs with you so you can see if the Flemish giant rabbit is in your budget and how you can go about finding the right breeder.


Rabbits are usually considered to be small, delicate creatures. However, there is one breed of rabbit which doesn’t fit this description at all – the Flemish Giant Rabbit. These rabbits are truly GIANTS compared to their smaller cousins. Weighing upwards of 22 pounds, Flemish Giant Rabbits are the gentle giants of the bunny world. Their personality often matches their large stature, and they are extremely intelligent and trainable. Often times owners compare them to large dogs! Giant, fluffy rabbits that can learn tricks? No wonder they’re enjoying a surge in interest in the last couple years! Still, Flemish Giant Bunny care can be somewhat confusing, and sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

Flemish Giant Rabbits are known as ‘Gentle Giants’ in the rabbit world, they are also known as King of Rabbits because of their large size, great personality and long life. These breed was developed in Belgium around the 16th century. It is considered as ‘Universal Rabbit’ for its variety of purposes; it can be your pet, they are eligible for show and were originally bred for meat and fur animal. These rabbit breed have docile and gentle personalities. They’re great longtime companions, and for that you need some guidance on how to take care of them, raise them and possibly learn how to be like them as well as teach them to be like you! Fortunately, this ultimate guide will teach you on how to be the best Flemish Giant Rabbit owner you can be! Inside this book, you will find tons of helpful information about Flemish Giant Rabbit; their breed, how they live, how to deal with them and realize the great benefits of owning one! Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeding, Buying, Care, Cost, Keeping, Health, Supplies, Food, Rescue and More Included

Characteristics Of Flemish Giant Rabbits

Compared to other rabbits, Flemish Giant Rabbits have the following distinct characteristics

  • Thick and dense fur on their body
  • Long ears
  • A heavy bone structure to support their weight
  • Large eyes
  • Males have a larger head while females have a pronounced dewlap
  • Glossy Fur


Flemish Giant Rabbit Colors The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes seven different colors for Flemish Giant rabbits: black, blue, fawn, sandy, light gray, steel gray, and white.This means your rabbit can be anywhere from white to reddish brown to dark gray!

Flemish Rabbit Size

We all know Flemish Giant rabbits are giants, but what exactly is the normal Flemish Giant rabbit weight? The American Rabbit Breed Association sets the minimum Flemish Giant rabbit size at 14 pounds for females and 13 pounds for males. There is no maximum weight they are forbidden to exceed. So these hefty rabbits are known for reaching upwards of 22 pounds in some cases, and are easily considered the largest rabbits in the world.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Personality

Flemish Giants are known for being docile and tolerant of handling. However, like with any animal, frequent interaction with humans is required for this to be true! These giant rabbits can become fearful and aggressive if handled inappropriately. Their large frame, furthermore, can make handling awkward and sometimes difficult.How then do you properly handle one of these giant rabbits?

Giant Flemish Rabbit Price

$30.00 – $400, 

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