Milk contains a variety of nutrients, when you hand milk a cow or goat, all kinds of dust, hair, bacteria and sometimes even flecks of manure will easily land in your hard-earned milk bucket. By using the Milking Machine, the entire system is fully enclosed and sealed. There is no opportunity for contamination during the milking process. This keeps the milk fresh, clean and ecol free. Ideal milker equipment for use in small farms for people milk 2-3 times a day, It is a cost-effective solution that will save you time, money.I like to use it. Hand Milking Exerts Pressure on the teat ejecting Milk out. The machine works on the principle of vacuum just like the Calf sucking its mother. The Vacuum applied to the teat opens the liner Milking Phase) and milk flows down, then the atmospheric air is allowed to enter thus causing lines to close.

The hand vs machine milking the sight of the calf or the sound of the milking machine or by massaging the udder stimulates the nerves. From the nerves, signals/impulses pass to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus stimulates the posterior pituitary gland to discharge oxytocin. Blood carries this hormone to the myoepithelial cells that surround the alveoli. The contraction of the myoepithelial cells forces the milk into the duct system and the gland cistern. Alveoli is a Tiny Ball connected to the milk duct. There are millions of alveoli in the udder.

Features of Goat Milking Machine:

  • AUTOMATICALLY STOP & EASY TO CLEAN:It comes with brief but clear directions on how to assemble, use, and clean.2 cleaning brushes are also included in the package to clean the hose and teat cup more efficiently,When the amount of milk in the bucket reaches the limit, the sound of the host will change, and it will automatically stop sucking milk into the bucket,protect the host,The service life of the machine has been extended three times.
  • HEALTHY&FOOD-GRADE:Silicone Hose,Teat Cup Liner and Milk Bucket(304 stainless bucket,Seamless non magnetic bucket).If it’s the highest food grade silicone hose.
  • REINFORCED PULASTION SYSTEM:Using this milking machine can save at least one-half of the labor and time as the pulsating cycle is 40~46 times per minute,the milk suction speed is three times faster than anyone else’s milking machine. It makes life on the farm much easier! The lid of bucket with a sealing ring to prevent leak and make sure vacuum situation when milker working.
  • PORTABLE:This milking machine is very portable. You can just use, for example, a plain backpack, to transport the entire unit from one place to another.Our electric milking machine which is perfect for cattle, sheep, horse,donkey,camels, etc milking supplier.NOTE:every kind of animal’s sucking pulse is different,depending on its body situation,pls take consideration if you want buy cow milker for horse or deer use.
  • GIFT LISTING:Hose Brush,Bucket Brush,Gloves,We have our own factories and our milking machines are exported to more than 50 countries.You can get super quality and competitive price from here.

Uses/benefits of Goat Milking Machine:

1, ISO,CE certificated

2, Customize and label service can be provided

3, Stainless steel 304 frame, high quality

4, High durable vacuum pump

5, Within 10 working days when order confirmed

6, 25L or 30L milk bucket in SS 304

Specification of Goat Milking Machine:

Item ModelRH140692RH140693
Operating Vacuum Degree0.04-0.05MPa(adjustable)0.04-0.05MPa(adjustable)
Pulsation Times64 times per minute64 times per minute
Power Fitted0.55KW0.55-0.75KW
Voltage220V or 380V220V or 380V
Motor Speed1440 rpm per minute1440 rpm per minute
The Number of Milking Cattle Per Hour10-12 cows per hour20-24 cows per hour
The Number of Stainless Steel Milk Bucketone(capacity of 25kg) two(each of capacity of 25kg)
Employees Needed When Milkingoneone
The Number of Milking Cup Groupone settwo sets

Prices of Goat Milking Machine:

$197.99 – $2,800.00

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