Goldoni Walking Tractor

Goldoni Walking Tractor’s motorized wheels make it easy for you to maneuver around trees and other obstacles in your yard, while its innovative design actually lifts the rear wheels off of the ground when they hit bumps or slopes so that you don’t have to worry about extra strain on your back or joints. Our advanced engineering makes sure that each pass is precise and even, so you don’t have any uneven spots or missed spots in your yard after just one use.

The Goldoni Walking Tractor is a working model of a four-legged animal that walks around with the help of its front legs. It was invented in 1879 by Romeo G. Goldoni, who also invented the steamroller and the sewing machine. The walking tractor consists of a body, two legs, and an engine. The engine drives one of the legs while another leg provides balance for the walking tractor.

The Goldoni Walking Tractor is a new type of tractor that is changing farming. It’s designed to be used on small farms and in urban settings, and it’s ideal for anyone who wants to get into farming but doesn’t have the space or money to buy a traditional tractor.

If you’re looking for a Goldoni Walking Tractor, you’ve come to the right place. The series T, C, and Pasquale are all excellent choices, but which one is the best? Read on to learn more about the different models. And don’t forget to check out our review of each model. We’ll cover a wide range of features and options, from price to quality and performance.


The Pasquale Goldoni Walking Tractor is a traditional Italian-style tractor. It is available in a gas or diesel-powered model, with various attachments. The machine has a bucket loader that raises and lowers mini-bales of hay into the upper hay loft. Its controls are easy to understand and operate. The gold-plated tractor is also built-in Spain.

The Pasquale Goldoni Walking Tractor is an excellent example of a well-designed, well-made, and multipurpose machine. It has a low starting cost of less than $5,000 and can be easily converted into a flail mower. It also comes with quick-hitch attachments for multiple tasks. It is one of the most popular two-wheel tractors. It is capable of transporting materials and people.

The Twist Diesel Seven-Horsepower Two-Wheel Walking Tractor is a professional tractor that offers low fuel costs and easy maintenance. The Goldoni Walking Tractor comes with the same safety features and dimensions as its petrol-powered counterpart. This tractor also features an excellent fuel-efficiency rating. The two-wheel tractors are very easy to maintain and are suitable for small property owners.


In its latest product range, the Goldoni Q-110 Walking tractor is a fusion of the equal-wheeled walking tractor and the orchard machine. Its compact design makes it a perfect companion for working in difficult conditions. The company is planning to offer a new model in 2022, complete with an original cabin with air conditioning. The company is aiming to create a tractor that is both comfortable and durable.

The Goldoni Q-110 walking tractor comes with a double pump and three pumps, a powerful braking system, and a joystick to control the electro-distributors. Its dashboard has a 2.4-inch TFT display, step, and a 50% breakdown of weights on the front and rear axles. Its high ground clearance and low center of gravity make it ideal for working on slopes and in the woods.

Series T

The new E70 model of the Goldoni Walking Tractor Series T is already on sale, and it plays well on steep slopes. The engine is a 3-cylinder FCA model that guarantees reduced turning radius and improved agility. The compact transmission with 16-speeds increases speed and engagement. The new restyling includes a front bull bar that unifies style and functionality. A battery and electric charger are included.

The new 4.0 Agriculture Kit is available for the entire Goldoni range, as well as optional aftermarket kits. The technology is also in line with future emission regulations. New engines must comply with Stage IIIB emissions regulations. The Goldoni Walking Tractor Series T will be enhanced with the G FARM platform in 2022, making it the best partner for farmers who work in challenging conditions. The Q Stage V series will be characterized by its maneuverability and compactness.

Series C

The Goldoni Walking Tractor Series C is an ideal companion for farmers who are tackling a variety of specialist tasks, such as clearing ditches or mowing the lawn. The compact design makes it perfect for front-loading applications. Its strength and reliability will make it the ideal machine for many types of farming jobs. The series C is the smallest of the three Goldoni walking tractors, and it has all the features that farmers need in a walking tractor.

The Goldoni Energy 60/80 short wheelbase tractor has a dual power system and exclusive patented gearbox. Its comfortable platform and overview cabin provides an exceptional weight/power ratio. The DF-12 model is currently being tested in Australia, but a prototype is already in use in Bangladesh. Among its other features, the Series C is capable of handling even the roughest terrain and is perfect for small farming operations.

Pasquale with bucket loader

If you’re looking for a walking tractor with a bucket loader, Pasquale Goldoni has the answer. Its 10-horsepower diesel and 13-horsepower gas engines are ideal for pulling a hay wagon. Both models feature a bucket loader that can lift mini bales of hay into the upper hay loft of a classic 1865 barn.

The control panel on a Goldoni tractor is simple to operate and reliable. There are nine height settings at the rear, five adjustable positions on the sides, and front-mounted implements. This tractor can turn 180 degrees for easy maneuverability and is equipped with a “GEARSTOP” button that locks the transmission and PTO. Depending on the model, it will fit a bucket loader, rototiller, baler, and tamer.


A Pas de Goldoni Walking Tractor is a highly maneuverable and compact agricultural machine. The new Q series will feature a 75 HP Stage V 4-cylinder Doosan engine and tractive force comparable to that of a crawler tractor. They will be characterized by perfect balance and stability, making them the ideal companions for working in difficult conditions. They will also feature an extremely small turning radius, a minimum ground clearance of 3.0 meters, and low emissions.

Among the many models of Pas de Goldoni Walking Tractor, the Twist Diesel Seven-Horsepower Two-Wheel Tractor is one of the best options for farming. Its low fuel consumption and simple maintenance make it an excellent choice for small farmers. The diesel-powered version offers the same safety features as its petrol counterpart, but costs less than half of its petrol-powered counterpart.

Dong Feng

Dong Feng, Goldoni Walking Trolley is a tractor manufactured by Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group, located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province near Shanghai. It is the only manufacturer of Dong Feng tractors in China. This company also makes 4-wheel tractors in different capacities, ranging from 20 to 90 horsepower (15 to 70 kW).

Dong Feng, Goldoni Walking Trolley is a dual-function mini tractor designed for farming. It has an easy-to-use control panel and ample output. The DongFeng Goldoni DF-12 model is currently being tested in Australia. A prototype of this model has been used in Bangladesh. You can check out its specifications here. Besides farming, the DongFeng Goldoni Walking Trolley has other uses as well, including construction and forestry.

This tractor is an old favorite among farmers. It has a long history, dating back to the 1930s. It is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox and is available with an inversion tillage plow. It can also pull trailers. Its clearance is 29 cm, making it capable of handling major obstacles and preventing damage to crops during processing. Its diesel engine is able to reach speeds up to ninety kilometers per hour.


The Joker on Goldoni Walking Tractor is a 2-wheeled tractor that is specialized for a variety of purposes. It is easy to maneuver and ideal for nurserymen and market gardeners. It is sturdy and easy to maintain. Its quick-release coupling allows it to be used in a variety of applications. It comes with a warranty. Here are some tips for the safety of Jokers.

The JOKER is manufactured by GOLDONI S.p.A. and is available in different sizes and models. It has a fuel tank, transmission unit, and electrical system. The manual covers routine servicing and describes the machine’s features. It is divided into chapters for easier reference. The manual also contains the operating instructions and maintenance schedule for your Joker. It is recommended that you read and understand the manual thoroughly before operating it.

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