Gps Cattle Tags is an electronic device dedicated to animal identification and electronic management. It is an electronic identification card for animals that can be automatically identified. People can easily automatically identify each animal individual through various types of dedicated readers. . In this way, many animal research, breeding, management, investigations, such as individual identification, data statistics, whereabouts control, automatic breeding, behavior management, etc., have automated and informatized technical means, which will greatly improve the animal Tracking management capabilities. The electronic ear tag can record the ear tag of each animal along with its breed, source, production performance, immune status, health status, owner and other information. Once the epidemic and the quality of animal products occur, it can trace (tracking) its source, clarify responsibilities and plug loopholes.

With RFID technology developed animal identification and traceability system, mainly for animal breeding, transportation, slaughter track monitoring. When the outbreak, can be back to animal breeding process. The health sector can through the system for possible infection disease with trace of animals, to determine its ownership and historical traces. At the same time, system to animals slaughtered from birth to provide instant, detailed and reliable data.

Uses/benefits of Gps Cattle Tags:

  • Animal GPS Tracker – GPS/LBS dual mode positioning, GPS accuracy is 16ft-32ft/5-10m, LBS accuracy is 320ft-3200ft/100-1000m. Note: it needs to insert a 2G SIM card, if used in the USA we recommend T-mobile &SpeedTalk SIM cards. NOT SUPPORTED: AT&T, VERIZON, SPRINT. The SIM card not inclued.
  • Multi-function – Real-time tracking, geo-fence, historical route view, induction sensor, over-speed alarm, shake alarm, low power alarm, power-saving mode on the APP. IPX66 waterproof design, dustproof, impact resistant.
  • Large battery capacity: Built-in 3000mAh Li-ion battery, long standby 50 days. And come with a adjustable and comtable collar. Recommended for animals above 30 pounds. It is suitable for hounds, sheep, cattle, camel and so on.
  • Tracking Range: Linking to the Google Map, any location can be tracked as long as it on Google Map, include America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and so on (Note: Need to use a 2G SIM card of local country).
  • Free APP & Web Tracking Platform – Download the App on your Android or iOS device, remotely real-time tracking on phone, tablet or PC by lifetime free APP, positioning accuracy of up to 5-10 meters(16ft-32ft). Any problems please feel free to contact customer service via Amazon.

Features of Gps Cattle Tags:

1.Passively activated chip

2.Surface laser etching number marking

3.Low loss rate during the application process

4.Can withstand blister at 70℃ for 20 minutes

5.TPU material to prevent long-term contact with allergic reactions of animals

6.It can withstand the instantaneous high temperature of common domestic slaughter corona equipment

7.After matching with the matching earrings, the falling rate is low and the application is convenient

8.Strict disinfection treatment is done at the factory


Item NameDescriptions
Model No.ID-AET
Compliant StandardISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2
Manufacturer/ChipNXP UCODE 8/UCODE 9, etc.
EPC Memory128 Bits/96 Bits
Read Distance1~7m
Work ModePassive
Chip Lifewrite 100,000 times, save data for 50 years
Chip ESD Protection2000V
Customizationmultiple colors for options, Laser lettering and QR code
Featureswaterproof, durable
Applicationlivestock tracking

Prices of Gps Cattle Tags:

$15.05 – $45.30

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