Grain Cleaning And Grading Machine washing machine is a new product developed by our factory based on market feedback information. It is a rational equipment for rice and other granular foods washing. It is mainly used in canteens, fast food ministries, food processing plants and other enterprises and institutions for rice and other grain foods. Washing. The machine is scientific and reasonable in design, compact in structure and capable of continuous and rapid panning. In the process of panning, rice and stones, mud blocks, moltings, rice worms and other debris can be excluded from different exits at the same time. With the features of high efficiency, easy operation, labor saving, labor saving, and water saving, the machine can not only wash rice but also is ideal for washing granular foods such as red beans and green beans.


Cleaning and grading result in reduced bulk of the material, high value products, safe and longer storage, more out-turn of better quality milled products. Drying of agricultural products is an important unit operation.


The machine is mainly composed of a frame, a sand separator, a float separator, a rice bucket, a water saving device, and a pipeline combination. The use of high-quality stainless steel materials, to ensure long-term work of stainless, non-corrosive, non-toxic, harmless, in line with food hygiene requirements. The working principle is that after the water source is first turned on, the power source is started, the pressure of the row of stones is adjusted, the rice is put into the rice container, and after the separator is combined, the hard impurities such as stones and mud blocks are affected by different pressures of the water. It is discharged from the sand and gravel separator; debris such as moltings and rice bugs are discharged from the float separator; the washed rice falls into the rice basket through the rice pipe to complete the panning of the rice. (continuously working)


Overall Dimension (L×W×H)3200×1920×3600 mm3790×1940×4060 mm
Total Weight3250 kg3600 kg
Rated Capacity (wheat)5 t/h10~12 t/h
Total Air Inflow8200 m312520 m3
Top Air Blower (Optional)4-72N0-5A, 7.5 kW4-79N0-6A, 11kw
Sieve Vibration Motor2.2 kWY132S-8, 2.2 kW
Bottom Lifting System Motor (VVVF Motor)3.0 kW3.0 kW
Feeding Motor (VVVF Motor)1.5 kWWR41-Y0.75-4P-1.68-M1, 1.5kW
Total Power6.7 kW6.7kW
Screen TypePierced Screen
Screen Dimension (L×W)800×1250 mm
Frequency300(80~400) /min
Amplitude30 mm
Layers and Number4 layers, 7 pieces5 layers,15 pieces
1st layer1 piece, round hole3 pieces, slot hole
2nd layer2 pieces, slot hole3 pieces, slot hole
3rd layer2 pieces, slot hole3 pieces, slot hole
4th layer2 pieces, slot hole3 pieces, slot hole
5th layer/3 pieces, slot hole

Prices of Grain Cleaning And Grading Machine

$650.00 $30,000

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