Grain Machine is a machine used for cleaning and sorting Grain. The Grain is sorted for thickness on screens with elongated holes. The screens which are usually flat and have less frequently cylindrical revolving round holes are used to sort for width TQLZ vibration sieve cleaner is widely used for pre-cleaning and cleaning of grains and seeds for grain depot and seed company, and raw grains for flour mill, rice mill, feed, chemical and food processing industry. One machine can clean various grains such as wheat, maize, rice, beans, oil seeds by changing different screens. Hyde TQLZ vibration cleaner can further remove light impurities and dust if equipped with vertical air aspirator, and get ideal air cleaning effect by adjusting the machine according to impurity content of raw grains.


  • Drum Sieve.
  • Triple Deck Cleaning.
  • Vibro Separator.
  • Rotary Separator.
  • Gravity Selector cum De-Stoner.
  • Gravity Separator.
  • Air Recycling System.
  • Horizontal Scourer

Uses of Grain Cleaning:

  1. Widely use, suitable almost all kinds seed, grain and granular material processing industrial.
  2. Closed two times air dust cleaning system, reduce air dust pollution
  3. Though changing screens to process different grains seed
  4. double cylinder ultra-low speed elevator, makes the crushing rate is less than 0.1%
  5. Easy to operate, easy to replace screen, flexible to move, easy to transport, high reliability.
  6. It can combine with gravity cleaner, destoner, seeds grading coating machines to a complete production line


Customized various sieve’s size and amount of sieve layer that make the seed cleaner & grader has wide range of application and high grading efficiency.

Dust removing system protect working environment.  


Dimension(L×W×H) mm3970×1800×27504970×1900×31005600×2100×32005600×2100×3200
Dimension of sieves mm1250×8002000×10002400×12502400×1500
Capacity kg/h30005000750010000
Weight kg1200150017001800
Power Kw4.256.9910.110.5
RemarksDust reducerCyclone dust separator

Prices of Grain Cleaning And Grading Machine

$900.00 – $9,500.00

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