Grain Cleaning Equipment is a machine used for cleaning and sorting Grain. The Grain is sorted for thickness on screens with elongated holes. The screens which are usually flat and have less frequently cylindrical revolving round holes are used to sort for width. Brushes, beaters, and other devices are used to remove particles stuck in the screens. Length separators are used to separate seeds by length and fans to separate them by aerodynamic properties. Gravity and electromagnetic seed cleaners are used for separating by surface condition and shape. The pneumatic picking table separators are also used to separate by specific weight. A distinction is made between simple and complex grain cleaning machines. A simple machine has one, two or more working elements, and a complex machine has several, usually including fans, screens and cylinder sorters.

Uses of Grain Cleaning Equipment

This machine can replace gravity separators, reduce the load of gravity tables and increase production further. It is widely used in corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, job’s tears, vegetable seeds, beans and other commercial grain and economic crops, remove light skin, lint and dust from materials, remove large and small impurities in materials, remove the impurities such as empty shells, moldy, dried grains and immature grains in the materials.


The first step is to remove impurity by the gravity table, which can effectively improve the purity of the materials on the gravity separator, reduce the screening pressure on the gravity table, and improve the output and purity.

It has mature air separation devices that collect dust and light impurities effectively and also clean with environmental protection.

It has multi-functions, such as air selection, screening and specific gravity, reducing labor, site saving, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Most grain cleaners come with a double vibration motor, high frequency, low amplitude, self vibration balance, etc., more stable.

It also has gravity table vibration and eccentric drive vibration, independent vibration source, high stability and Ultra-low speed non broken elevator to minimize broken loss.

Effective cleaning of all types of crop seeds


Power Required6 Hp
Net Weight715 Kg
Gross Weight845 kg

Prices of Grain Cleaning Equipment

$970.00 – $6,000.00

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