The concentrator is mainly used to remove impurities from grain crops such as wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, beans, etc., including dust, straw, broken corn cobs, mildew and other lighter impurities. It can effectively remove imperfect particles such as broken particles and stubble in the raw grain. Winnowing. Lighter materials such as unfilled grains, chaff, weed seeds, and straw is removed through winnowing. To improve efficiency when there is no sufficient wind, a blower or an air fan can be used.


Grain Cleaning Machine is used for processing all kinds of seeds, grains, spices and crops such as wheat, rice, maize, paddy r, sunflower seed, beans, oil seeds, chili pepper, vegetable seeds and other small particle products, with the advantages of impact structure, flexible movement, low energy consumption, wide application, high efficiency, and excellent selection effect.


1.The dehuller and elevator are equipped with a dust removal system, and

 the operation is more environmentally and friendly, and the whole process is closed;

2.The thickeness of the delluer housing is 8mm, more wear-resistant make

 the machine long life span,

3.It’s convenient to change the different table type for different grain.

4.The gravity table is removable, it is easy to clean the screen.


Rated Capacity15-20t/h20-25t/h25-30t/h
Total Weight2200 kg2600 kg3300 kg
Total Power17.6kw19.1kw24kw
Selection Rate≥97%
Cleanness Rate≥97%

Prices :

$ 1000 – $8,000.00

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