Screens are some of the most essential tools for small-scale cleaning of seeds that mature dry. These five screens – 2 mesh (strands per inch), 4 mesh, 8 mesh, 16 mesh, and 30 mesh – are effective for cleaning seeds ranging in size from amaranth to beans on a homestead or small farm scale. For most types of seeds, we recommend pouring the seed harvest over two sizes of screens: one to separate out the larger chaff, and one to separate out smaller chaff and dust. Screening generally complements winnowing and threshing, but can also be effective on its own. This set of screens is affordable in part because of how little space it takes up.

Screen types-



Double Cut Triangle.


As the name implies, air screen machines use a combination of suction air that is drawn through the curtain ofgrainas it falls from the hopper onto a series of screens. By doing so, lightgrain, chaff and dirt are drawn off the product before thegraintouches the screens.


1.The grain is conveyed into feed hopper by belt conveyor or bucket conveyor and then flows from feed hopper to vibrating screen.

2.The vibrating screen is a triple-deck screen .The grain on the screen cloths bounces forward.

3.The first layer screen sieves out the big corn cobs, corn cobs with niblet and pebbles, and then the grain flows to the second layer screen.

4.The stones and lumps smaller than grains can be sifted out and flow out from the third outlet.

5.The grain on the second layer screen flows into the trash bin , and then the fan blows out the dust and stive in the grain.

6.Finally the net grain flows out from the discharge hole .

7.It can be used for separating and removing the impurities from wheat, rice, corn, soybean and others kinds of grain.


36” wide sheets-
4/64 – 32/64 Round Hole Screen sq.ft.
4/64 – 14/64 Slotted Screen sq.ft.
48” wide sheets-
4/64 – 32/64 Round Hole Screen sq.ft.
3/64 – 16/64 Slotted Screen sq.ft

Prices of Grain Cleaning Screens

$450 – $650

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