The machine adopts grain rod, bars, concave plate, fan, separation of several parts, such as simple and compact structure, simple operation, stable performance, safe and reliable.Works: melon seeds by artificial feeding, first fall thick in the grid, using pattern plate rotating with arc gate squeezed between rolling force to spin out the melon seed shell and the kernel, melon seed kernel and shell after stripping premenstrual arc gate fell at the same time, through the air duct, by fan wind will blow out most of the sunflower seeds on the outside, and melon seeds benevolence by feeding hole


It can be used to process spelt wheat, einkorn wheat, rice, hemp seed, oats, paddy etc grains. The hulling machine is improved in the process of the traditional machine, avoid the destruction of the smooth surface to improve einkorn wheat and spelt separation effect, maintain high and stable rate of shelling.


1. Wet method dehulling process.
2. Obvious improvement on efficiency of dehulling ratio and decrease the broken ratio.
3. Adopts negative pressure suction to collect the pumpkin shells.
4. Compact design, easy to use, low material loss and low maintenance.


grinding wheel size150*175mm230*185mm280*205mm
grinding wheel diameter190mm250mm330mm
Mesh size0.8*13mm0.8*13mm0.8*13mm
Drag the knife size165*40mm185*45mm203*48.5mm
speed of mainshaft2800(r/min)2800(r/min)2800(r/min)


$363.00 – $19000  

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