Grain Moisture Meter

Grain Moisture Meter: Grain is a staple food for humans and animals. Among other things, it is also used as a raw material for the production of luxury foods such as spirits. Only high-quality grain can be processed and sold profitably. A decisive factor is the moisture content in the grain, it provides important information about its quality.  The grain moisture meter from was specially designed to precisely and reliably determine the moisture content in 17 different types of grain.

The measurement of the moisture content is essential for the storage, shelf life and quality of cereals. If the moisture content is too high or too low, many types of grain cannot be processed optimally. Each operator who deals with the grain knows, that the permissible limits for moisture content should not be exceeded, otherwise it is impossible to send the whole crop to the storage facility and forward it further for processing.


Moisture meters for grain are specially calibrated to provide fast and accurate measurements of the moisture content of grain so you can make more informed decisions about when to harvest your grain or put your grain into storage


  • Agratronix MT-Pro Grain Tester.
  • Dickey-John Mini Gac Plus Handheld Grain Moisture Tester Package.
  • Shore 930 Portable Moisture Tester Package.
  • Agratronix Ag-Mac Plus Grain Tester.
  • Agratronix MT-16 Grain Tester.


Portable Digital Grain Moisture meter for: Rice, Paddy, Maize and Wheat Moisture tester.

1. Manual off at any time

2. High precision moisture meter

3.Grain Moisture Meter is used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of packed grains,  Corn,  Rough Rice, , Paddy and Wheat.


  • Moisture measuring range: 2% to 30%
  • Maximum error : ± (1%Rh +0.5)
  • Resolution: 0.5%
  • Temperature measuring range: – 10°C to 60°C
  • Maximum error: ±2°C(±4°F)
  • Resolution: 1°C /2°F
  • Environment: Ambient temperature: – 10°C to 40°C
  • Ambient humidity: 0~70%RH
  • Weight:460g
  • Dimension: 170*170*50mm (main unit)
  • 440*60*60mm (measurement probe)
  • Accessories: portable box, operation manual, measurement probe.


$37.99 – $191.98

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