A certain amount of moisture is always present in the grain, and depending on the weather conditions, its readiness for harvesting, the process of harvesting, type of the crop, this value may vary from one crop to another. Application of the grain moisture meter, capable of measuring moisture amount in different crops is very advantageous here, since it is just necessary to switch to the required mode .

With varying moisture content in grains, on-line Near-Infrared (NIR) moisture measurement technology is a key tool in ensuring optimum efficiency and quality control. The ability to measure moisture and make process adjustments during the production cycle is crucial. 

Moisture is one of the most important factors affecting grain quality in storage. The grain must be dried as soon as possible after harvesting to lower moisture to a standard level. It is difficult to obtain satisfactory measurement effect on precision in capacitive grain’s moisture measurement due to many influencing factors, such as temperature, species and weight.

The Moisture Meter also has an automatic temperature compensation feature that adds to the accuracy of its moisture content readings of any agricultural products

Grain Moisture Sensor can measure moisture content of 8 kinds of grains fast. It applies to allocation, procurement, storage and processing of grains. This instrument can also measure temperature of the grain.

Prices of Grain Moisture Sensor

N23,000 -N70,000 


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