This series machines are the combination of best technology available today and our decade of experience in the color sorting industry to give you the ultimate benefit of getting consistent good purity in sorting with very minimum loss of good grain in the rejection which means more profit to you. With its powerful 12288pixel dual side camera, 1 millisecond ejector response time and quad level sorting technology; you can get your sorting done at great accuracy and speed.

What’s more, this machine is built with embedded computer and can withstand any future inventions that will be made in the sorting algorithm. This machine is designed unique with the powerful software that makes billions of right decisions to identify shape and size of defect, spot defect and watershed algorithm to arrive the area of every product pass through our high sensitivity, high resolution, high speed camera with 60,000 scans per second.


A high-resolution CCD optical sensor drives a mechanical sorter to separate different granular materials, automatically sorting heterochromatic particles out of the batch of raw rice; removing such impurities in this process improves the quality of the rice.

Main features:

1. Excellent sorting persormance: Advanced image acquisition system + intelligent 

    image processing algorithm + high quality ejection system=excellent output and 


2. RGB full color tri-chromatic CCD image acquisition system: Top industrial 5340 pixel

    CCD high speed linear scan imaging sensor also first-class tailored camera lens for color

    sorting with a precision identifying tiny defects till 0.01m2;

3.Super ease operation system: Simple optical system design and accurate in time auto 

  calibration system plus simplified GUI design help reduce complicacies of machine 

  commissioning and running, easy operation and maintenance secured;

4. Customized image processing algorithm: Intelligence algorithm integrating image

   color difference and defect size difference;

5. Long-life software upgrading for free;

6.OEM service welcomed.


Capacity2-5 Ton/Hour
Model Name/Number6SXG-252
BrandUnique Color Sorter
Frequency50 Hz
Power4.75 kW
Weight600 kg
Voltage220 V
Dimension L X W X H Inches2200 x 1200 x 1600 mm
Dimension of Sieves1260 x 1800 mm
AutomationAutomatic,Semi Automatic


$2,800.00 – $8,869.00/ Set

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