The Gravely Walk-Behind Model L is a powerful, durable machine that can handle the toughest jobs on your property. It’s got a wide range of capabilities and features that set it apart from other walk-behind tractors, making it a great option for anyone who needs to tackle landscaping and lawn care.

The Gravely Walk-Behind Model L has a 24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine that runs on gasoline and delivers powerful torque, letting you slice through heavy weeds and grasses with ease. The hydrostatic transmission allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs, so you can choose between fast movements for large areas and slow movements for precision work. The rear-mounted PTO shaft makes it easy to attach accessories like mowers or snowblowers without having to remove them from the tractor every time.

The Gravely Walk-Behind Model L is a powerful walk-behind mower that can tackle any lawn. It’s equipped with a Briggs and Stratton engine, which provides plenty of power to cut through thick grass. The mulching kit allows you to use this mower for mulching or bagging, depending on your needs. The large rear wheels and front tires provide extra stability for easy maneuvering. This mower also has a deck wash system to help keep it clean between uses.

What are the features of a Gravely Walk-Behind Model L? Here are some things to look for: Single-cylinder side-valve engine, Hoof governor, Attachments, Serial number, and more. Read on to find out. Once you have your specifications, you can order your new mower. Just remember to keep the manual for future reference. You can purchase one online, too.

Single-cylinder side-valve engine

The Gravely Walk-Behind Model L tractor features a single-cylinder side-valve engine. The engine block is conventionally designed, with a valve on the head at the upper terminal. It also has a piston and cylinders. The spark plug is positioned near the center of the cylinder head. This engine type is a better choice for outdoor applications where a low-noise and clean running engine is essential.

The Gravely 8000 series is the most popular tractor from the Gravely brand. It comes with an eight-horsepower engine and is useful for landscapers or lawn mowers. In addition, it has a steering sulky for better maneuverability. Its solid platform makes it an excellent choice for small cargo, and its single-cylinder side-valve engine gives it more than enough power to perform many tasks.

The Gravely Model L tractor was produced from the 1940s until the 1970s. It features a single-cylinder side-valve engine with magneto ignition. It is operated by a walking control or by a two-wheel sulky. It also has a reversing mechanism. This tractor has a number of notable features, including a riding seat and an electric starter system.

The engine head 5 resembles the shape of the engine block 4. It comprises a peripheral wall 11 and an irregular supporting surface. The passage communicates with a fuel inlet port of the Gravely Walk-Behind Model L. A portion of cylinder 8 is attached to an upper portion of the engine head. The inlet valve 14 extends upward from the point above cylinder 8, including a valve stem 15. The stem 15 and valve seat 16 are adapted for movement into engagement with seat 16.

Hoof governor

Whether you’re replacing the Hoof governor on your Gravely Walk-Behind Model L, or you’re looking for a replacement model, there are several things to keep in mind when buying a new one. While some governors have an easy to remove the pulley, others are nearly impossible to remove without damaging the pulley or causing damage. In either case, you’ll want to follow the instructions carefully to make sure that the governor is working properly.

First, find the manual for your model L. Gravely issued a small manual in the mid-1950s that covered the 6.6 HP Model L, which was cosmetically modernized in the 1963-66 model year. It also covers the MA210 Snow Blower, which was produced from 1959 to 1963. This manual has the same pages but is a different printing from the one used in the 1965-66 model. Also, look for the “MS-38” form number, as later editions often add a suffix letter.

A Gravely L Governor is an integral part of a walking tractor’s design. It controls the ground speed and PTO output. This tractor has seven attachments and a 10-horsepower Kohler electric-start engine. Its low/high ground-speed output and low/high PTO output make it an excellent choice for those who frequently mow large areas. However, if you want a lower ground-speed output, you should look for a model that includes these features.


The Gravely Walk-Behind Model L tractor comes with many attachments that allow you to accomplish many different tasks. These include flail mowers, rototillers, snow blades, and even a sprayer. As early as 1970, the tractor was offered with 38 attachments. As the company continued to expand its offerings, its list of attachments grew to more than eighty. The tractor even offered steering sulkies to transport cargo. Regardless of how much work you do with the tractor, the Gravely tractor is built for long-lasting use.

Whether you need a mower to clear thick grass or mulch leaves, you’ll find the right attachment for your needs. Gravely walk-behind tractor attachments come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are designed for specific tasks, while others are more universal and useful for many different tasks. You can even purchase a smaller, cheaper option, depending on your budget. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the right attachment for your lawn care needs.

The Gravely walk-behind tractor was manufactured between the 1930s and 1970s. The company first manufactured riding tractors, but then it shifted focus to walk-behind tractor attachments. The inventor of the tractor, Ben Gravely, was a West Virginia native, who developed a hand-pushed plow powered by an Indian motorcycle engine. In addition to walk-behind tractors, Gravely Walk Behind Attachments offered tractors in a variety of sizes and powered garden implements. In addition to mowing, they produced a mulcher and a mower. The 6.6 HP model had many improvements and is now still a popular tractor on the market.

Serial number

The serial number of your Gravely walk-behind model L mower is printed on a sticker on the back of the deck, directly behind the engine. This number can be used to search for replacement parts. The serial number will tell you the manufacturer and build date of the engine, which will help you determine which part of the mower to purchase. There are a few different places to find this information, but the following tips will help you locate it easily.

The serial number of a Gravely walk-behind model L tractor will tell you whether the machine was manufactured between 1939 and 1970. The serial number for a Gravely Model L tractor ranges from 2465 to 2761. Model L tractors with 6.6 or seven horsepower engines have serial numbers from M-5565 to 95441. Models with eight-speed transmissions and power dog clutches are also easy to identify.

The manual for your Gravely walk-behind tractor will tell you the model you’re using. It will also explain how the fuel works. The manual also contains American equivalents of British lubricants. If you want to buy a new Gravely walk-behind model, it will be a good idea to check the serial number of your old machine. There are some great dealer incentives, too, so take advantage of them.


The Gravely walk-behind tractor was first introduced in the 1940s and was produced in various configurations from WWII until the 1970s. This tractor featured a single-cylinder side-valve engine with magneto ignition. The operator of this tractor walked behind the cab on a two-wheel sulky. The tractor was steered by the operator through the use of handlebars and four hex-head bolts. Its dog clutch power assisted the steering.

The Gravely walk-behind mower starter is the MS-38-D Instruction Manual, which is available for download from the Gravely website. This manual is in small print, so it may be difficult to read. To get a clearer picture, you can download the larger version from the Gravely website. The file size is 10.1 MB. To ensure the optimal performance of your walk-behind mower, read the manual carefully.

The Gravely walk-behind tractor was popular in the 1970s. In addition to the basic tractor, it had many attachments such as rototillers, flail mowers, snowblowers, and snow blades. The number of attachments was 38 at the time of its introduction but later increased to 80. A steering sulky could be added to the tractor. The tractor’s platform was stable and spacious enough to transport small cargo.


The history of the Gravely Walk-Behind Model L goes back to the 1930s when the company began manufacturing walk-behind tractors. These models were known as “all-gear” because the engine was rear-mounted and power was transmitted to the rear wheels through a transaxle. This system required no drive belts, which made them very efficient. Model L was an exception. Its deck blade drive belt is powered by a gearbox mounted on the deck. The PTO driveshaft also powers the mower deck blade drive belt. Fortunately, this sulky was comfortable and simple to steer, and it had space for small cargo.

In 1931, Studebaker purchased Gravely. The company figured that a non-union location would be better for business. Despite this, Gravely closed its Dunbar plant and moved production to Clemmons, North Carolina, where labor costs were lower. As a result, Gravely lost its ability to produce its own engine and had to rely on engines from other manufacturers. In turn, it lost a large part of its Dunbar workforce. In addition, it used Onan engines for its tractors, but these were not suitable for tractor use. Kohler engines eventually replaced Onan engines, but many Gravely owners still maintained their older models.

In the 1970s, Gravely introduced a lower-priced economy model called the Model L. This model featured a four-speed transmission and an eight-horsepower Kohler engine. These models were discontinued after 1977. Later, Gravely moved to the higher-end 900 series, called the Professional 12 and 5665. Today, the model L has an I-4 water-cooled Continental engine and a belt drive.

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