Gravely Walk Behind Tiller

The Gravely Walk Behind Tiller is a powerful, compact, and versatile garden tiller that can be used to turn over garden soil, prepare beds for planting, and even for tilling up large areas of land. The Walk Behind Tiller features an easy-going forward motion and durable steel construction. It’s great for getting rid of weeds, breaking up hard soil, and digging in compost or fertilizer.

The Gravely Walk Behind Tiller is the perfect tool for getting your garden ready for the spring. It’s easy to use and can be used to till up the soil surface and break it up so that you can plant seeds or seedlings. The tiller is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver even if you have limited strength and mobility. The tiller comes with a built-in handle that makes pushing it easy and convenient, so you don’t have to worry about straining yourself when using it. It also has an adjustable depth control that makes it easy for you to level out your garden quickly and efficiently. This allows you to get your garden ready for planting in no time.

The Gravely walk-behind tiller is an excellent choice for gardeners who need to break up soil and aerate their lawn. It’s also great for cultivating raised beds and digging rows or holes. The 15-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine provides plenty of power to tackle any task, even in tough conditions like clay or compacted soil. The tiller’s large rear wheels help it easily navigate obstacles such as rocks, roots, or tree stumps.

The Gravely walk behind tiller features a large turning radius that makes it easy to maneuver around your garden space. The tiller also features a convenient front handlebar that lets you guide the tiller with one hand while holding your rake or shovel in another hand. This allows you to make quick turns without having to lift the heavier front part of the machine off the ground every time you make a turn.

Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor

There are several differences between a tractor and a Gravely Li walk-behind tractor. Here are the differences. Each of these models has a different set of features. This article will give you information about Model L, Two speeds, Planetary transmission, and Electric start. Ultimately, you should be able to find one that best meets your needs. A Gravely Li walk-behind tractor is ideal for many different tasks.

Model L

The Gravely Model L walk-behind tractor is a versatile all-purpose machine that was made from the 1940s to the 1970s. It uses a single-cylinder side-valve engine with magneto ignition. The operator walks behind the tractor on a two-wheel sulky, steers it using the handlebars and four hex-head bolts, and has a power dog clutch.

The Gravely Model L walk behind snowblower can clear your driveway and yard of snow. Its powerful engine allows you to go up to five mph. The shovel can travel in straight lines or in a zigzag pattern. The snow blower also comes with an adjustable drift cutter, which means you can adjust it to the conditions. The Gravely Model L walk behind snowblower can easily push a large area with ease.

The Gravely 400 series of walk-behind tractors was introduced in 1970. It was a popular choice among consumers. It featured an eight-horsepower Kohler engine and four-speed transmission. However, the production of the 800 series was discontinued by 1977. In 1978, the brand introduced the heavier professional grade tractor known as the 900 series. It was also larger than the 8000 series. The 9000 series featured a 27-horsepower Continental engine.

The Model L was introduced in 1951 and was marketed for use on farms, gardens, and orchards. The tractor was a popular model until the late 1950s. Its sales were nationwide, and the company had international representatives in Germany, France, and Canada. The Model L was not the first walk behind tractor made by Gravely. Its popularity led to the introduction of a successor model, the Model L, the Li.

Electric start

Electric start on the Gravely Li walk-behind tractor greatly simplifies the process of starting the machine. This dependable walk-behind tractor comes with a surprisingly high number of attachments, including a flail mower and a snowblower. The machine’s engine uses a Gravely-built single-cylinder side-valve engine with magneto ignition and has four speeds: forward, reverse, and neutral. The tractor’s operator rides on a two-wheel sulky and steers it using four hex-head bolts and a dog clutch.

The company produces two types of walk-behind tractors: the electric Gravely Li walk-behind tractor and the manual model. Both types of walk-behind tractors are durable and efficient, and the two models are very similar in design. The Li walk-behind tractor is equipped with an electric start and an optional air filter. The Li features an auxiliary Indian motorcycle engine for more powerful power. The Li features an easy-to-use controls panel and a large LCD display.

The Gravely Li snowblower is an excellent piece of equipment. This model comes with multiple attachments, including a flail mower, rototiller, snow blades, and a sprayer. In the 1970s, model L had as many as 38 attachments. By the 1990s, it had more than 80. The steering sulky was included in the package. The tractor is easy to use, stable, and has plenty of room to carry smaller tools.

Two speeds

The Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor has a two-speed transmission and an electric start, and is equipped with an electric snow blow. Unlike the other Gravely walk-behind tractors, the Gravely model L does not have a hydrostatic drive system. Because of this, it is recommended for individuals who are not comfortable standing. The large capacity hopper makes it an easy choice for homeowners who do not want to stand up while working in the yard.

One of the drawbacks of the Gravely tractor is that it lacks a guard for its fan belt. The manual warns users to stay clear of the fan belt when the tractor is running. This is another reason to carefully consider the Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor’s manual and its warranty. While the newer Gravely Li Tractor’s engine is definitely a better option, you can still choose the older Model L Gravely tractor.

The Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor is versatile enough to perform multiple tasks. It can mow large areas and clear 32 inches of snow. The mowing deck has a constant belt tension system, which minimizes slippage and improves engine efficiency. It also has a steering sulky for easier maneuverability. The tractor is stable, with enough room to carry a shovel, bucket, and other small items.

The economy series was produced by Gravely until 1977. This model had a belt-driven four-speed transmission and eight-horsepower Kohler engine. By 1978, the 900 series replaced the economy tractor. The newer 8000 series featured an eight-speed transaxle and larger engines. You can still find many parts for these tractors online, including the Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor.

Planetary transmission

The Gravely Model L Old Walk Behind Tractor was manufactured from WWII to the 1970s. It is equipped with a single-cylinder side-valve engine and magneto ignition. The tractor’s driver sits in a sulky at the front of the tractor, while the other operator operates the machine with a handlebar. The tractor also has a reversing mechanism.

The Gravely Walk Behind Tractor is equipped with all the attachments necessary to perform mowing, trimming, and pruning jobs. A mulcher and bagger attachment are standard features. The tractor’s patented Quick Attachment System lets you change attachments with ease. This helps you to save time and effort. Another attachment is a steering sulkie. All the attachments are conveniently attached to the tractor and are easy to change.

The early models of the Gravely walk-behind tractor featured a planetary transmission with two forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Its gearing was variable, and the operator could install gear reduction wheels to fine-tune the speed. Later, Gravely developed a model with four forward and four reverse speeds. This planetary transmission eliminated the need for gear reduction wheels and different transmission gearing.

The Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor was designed for cemetery maintenance. It comes with backhoe attachments and a rotary plow attachment. It also has a 4-speed transmission, automatic shifter, and spacious passenger compartment. There are also electric start versions available for the tractor. There are manuals available in a compact format, and the Gravely walk-behind tractor is easily serviceable.


A Gravely li walk-behind tractor is an efficient piece of equipment that can perform a variety of tasks. It is a versatile piece of equipment that is capable of clearing up to 32 inches of ground and can mow large areas. A constant belt tension system minimizes slippage and enhances the tractor’s engine efficiency. It is an excellent option for homeowners who do not want to take their tractor into the shop or are limited to a small area.

The original Gravely tractor included a cultivator attached under the handlebars. The company continued to manufacture tractors until the 1960s. Today, Gravely International, a division of Ariens in Brillion, WI, makes the tractor. These tractors can be found in many applications, from lawn care to grounds maintenance. A Gravely Li walk-behind tractor is a perfect option for any homeowner who does not have the time to maintain a farm or large garden.

The Gravely Li Walk Behind Tractor was designed by Gravely Manufacturing Company in 1960 and has a two-stroke engine. This tractor can be used for lawn mowing and for pulling a cart over rocky terrain. It is lightweight and easy to start, which makes it a perfect choice for those with little or no experience. You can also adjust the height of the front end of the tractor for uneven terrain.

A Gravely Manual is a good option if you want to make sure that you get the right one for your tractor. The manual for the model L is numbered MS-38-D. The manual comes in a small format, which makes it difficult to read. However, you can get a larger version of the manual, which is 10.1 MB in size. When searching for a Gravely manual, you need to make sure that you find one with a form number that indicates it’s from a later year.

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