Groundnut Shell Removing Machine Price

The groundnut sheller machine is a product specially developed by our company according to the characteristics and market demands of groundnuts. It is composed of a frame, a rotor, a fan, a sieve, a vibrating screen, a triangular belt wheel and a single phase motor. The electric shock drives the normal work of the peanut/groundnut shelling machine, the groundnuts are poured into the feeding bucket evenly, and the groundnut shell is broken under the repeated beating, friction and collision of the rotor.

Broken groundnut shells and groundnuts in the rotor force into a certain aperture of the sieve, after sorting the small skin through a small aperture sieve the second shelling, the final groundnut shell blowing crooked machine, the groundnut through the screen to achieve the purpose of clearance.


Peanut shelling machine is used to remove peanut outside hard shell from peanut seeds. Machine is low rate of peanut crushing, separating clean, and little impurity. This kind of machine include rasp bar, stake, intaglio, fan, gravity separator and second bucket etc. It is easy operation, work stable, guarantee safety and simple compact structure.

  • Low broken rate, sorting and clean, good color, less impurities. Large capacity of 1000-1200 kg/h.
  • It can match with other peanut processing machines.
  • With high efficiency of 95% shelling rate

Features of Groundnut Shell Removing Machine

. Due to its high integrity for peanut, so it also can be used for threshing peanut seeds.

2. It has Automatic screening function, the bad and not good seeds will be separated out.

3. The four wheels help you move the machine easily.

4. Concerning power: it can allocate with 3kw motor or 170F gasoline or 8 HP diesel engine according to customer’s needs. If choose gasoline or diesel engine, it also can operate at a place where is short of electricity.

5. High-quality bearings, plus a sturdy bearing housing, make the machine work longer and more durable.

Benefits of peanut sheller machine

1. Peanut Sheller integrates peanut shelling, air delivery, and separation as a whole and works with high efficiency(600-800kg/h). The shelling rate can reach 97% or more.

2. Four wheels make it easy to move.

3.Low breakage rate. All peanuts can be unbreakable after shelling

4.High cleaning rate. There is baffle at the exit of peanut kernels, and it can effectively block the peanut shell to come out, improving the cleaning rate.

5. Rather than adopting a steel roller, rubber roller does not exert damage to the peanut itself.

6. Thanks to the plastic lifter at the side of the machine, small peanut and peanut that are not fully peeled off can be shelled again.


Power3KW Motor or gasoline engine or diesel engine
Breakage rate2.0%
Damage rate3.0%
Peeling rate98%

Prices of Groundnut Shell Removing Machine

$680.00-$1,600.00/ Set

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