Groundnut Sheller Machine Price

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2015 in the subject Engineering – Mechanical Engineering, , language: English, abstract: Groundnut product demand is on the increase and the application is largely dependent on the cleanness of the nuts. The separation process is usually an energy-sapping task that requires a lot of time. In order to separate the nuts from its shell effectively a shelling machine was developed.

The machine employs an auger screw as a means of breaking the groundnut pod. The machine basically comprises of shelling chamber, separating chamber and a motor (1HP). The arrangement of these parts is connected by a compound belt of type B standard V-belt of pitch length 1694mm. With the Von-mises equation, the material for the shelling shaft is taken to be mild steel.

The materials used in the fabrication of the machine are sourced locally so as to ensure that it is cheap, affordable and easily maintained by the peasant farmers. The shelling efficiency and material damage are 84% and 14% respectively for groundnut seeds of 86.5% dry.


Small farmers looking to exceed in production without compromising the costs can opt for hand-cranked rotary. groundnut shelling machine available in multiple designs, which are affordable and fairly durable. Large-scale farmers can opt for free-standing. groundnut shelling machine characterized by higher production and convenient operations. Most of these. groundnut shelling machine have cleaning fans and reciprocating sieves for removing dirt particles, low-friction bearings, and spring-loaded pressure plates.

Peanuts sheller is our company’s self-developed products based on current market needs and popularity,its main feature is the low rate of processing of peanut crushing, sorting clean, good color,low impuritiesall indications are in line with national standard. This machine composed of pattern pole, trash rack, concave plate, fans, the proportion of sorting screen and the secondary elevator parts, simple and compact, easy to operate, stable performance, safe and reliable.

Features of Groundnut Sheller Machine

1. Due to its high integrity for peanut, so it also can be used for threshing peanut seeds.

2. It has Automatic screening function, the bad and not good seeds will be separated out.

3. The four wheels help you move the machine easily.

4. Concerning power: it can allocate with 3kw motor or 170F gasoline or 8 HP diesel engine according to customer’s needs. If choose gasoline or diesel engine, it also can operate at a place where is short of electricity.

5. High-quality bearings, plus a sturdy bearing housing, make the machine work longer and more durable.

Benefits of peanut sheller machine

1. Peanut Sheller integrates peanut shelling, air delivery, and separation as a whole and works with high efficiency(600-800kg/h). The shelling rate can reach 97% or more.

2. Four wheels make it easy to move.

3.Low breakage rate. All peanuts can be unbreakable after shelling

4.High cleaning rate. There is baffle at the exit of peanut kernels, and it can effectively block the peanut shell to come out, improving the cleaning rate.

5. Rather than adopting a steel roller, rubber roller does not exert damage to the peanut itself.

6. Thanks to the plastic lifter at the side of the machine, small peanut and peanut that are not fully peeled off can be shelled again.


Power3KW Motor or gasoline engine or diesel engine
Breakage rate2.0%
Damage rate3.0%
Peeling rate98%

Prices of Groundnut Sheller Machine

$680.00-1,600.00/ Set

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