AKTLJ-7 peanut thresher It’s reliable in operation, easy and convenient in installation and maintenance. It has high threshing rate, low loss ratio, low energy consumption etc. Thereby, it saves manpower and material resources, shortens the harvest period. It is welcomed by the majority of users. It is widely used in the rural, hilly, plain area for the peanut etc.We are engaged in manufacturing of finest quality Groundnut Thresher, which are carefully designed and developed by making use of premium quality raw materials with the support of latest tools and technology, and having large number of features such as high durability, fine finish, low maintenance, easy installation and strong resistance against various adverse effects such as abrasion, corrosion etc. Apart from this, our esteemed customers can easily purchase these Groundnut Thresher in different specifications at very low prices.

Farming is a common practice not solely in India but around the globe. Without farming, there is no option left to us than hunting food like some nomads. Hence, such lifestyle is completely impossible for survival of world’s big population. Since, we are so dependent for our survival on farming, various initiatives from government and companies were taken every year for the improvement of farming methodology. Lancer Laser Tech Limited is also one of those many companies that aims to modify agricultural practices thus improving quality of food. In this tech-savvy world, it isn’t at all difficult to assist farmers in improving their productivity. Our ISO 9001:2015 & En-15085/2 certified company with the assistance of its 125 experts and advanced machines as reliable Manufacturer and Exporter

Features of Groundnut Thresher Machine

1.Sealed cab,reduce the noise, make driver feel more comfortable.

2.Using centrifugal fan to feed grass, has good separation effect(vine and peanut), and get cleaner forage. 

3.The air current throwing mode is adopted for soil block cleaning,it prevents clogging and reduce the rate of broken peanut.

4.The machine has two tanks, one tank for the peanut, the other tank for the peanut stalk which will be crushed as forage.

5.Removing dust downward,reduce the dust to extend the working life.

6.The picker uses a double track to run smoothly,adopts the circulation mode picking device,improve picking efficiency.

7.The picker height ,roller speed and fan are visual by digital display.

8.Famous brand engine,optional 120/130/140hp, more powerful, more economical, more energy-saving, and more environment protection.

9.It adopts D3.5 type large clutch gearbox,which is reliable and durable.It has long clutch arm to save energy. 

10.Rotary dust cover device to avoid water tank will be high temperature after long time working. 

11.Bigger fuel tank;the endurance is longer.Optimize the dydraulic system of the whole machine with high reliability.CHMC ZHONGLIAN Dry Peanut picking machine groundnut picker 

Product Specification

FunctionMulti Crop
Capacity3 TONS
MaterialMild Steel
WorkingThreshing Crops
Threshing Capacity2000 – 3000 kg/hr
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity1

Prices of Groundnut Thresher Machine:


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