Ground nut is commonly called ‘peanut’ has numerous areas of application of utility. It is used in forming anti aging drugs, used to make peanut butter and the shelled peanuts can be roasted and fried and consumed as a snack. Peanut is a major source of oil, which is mono saturated fat and is healthful type, which is prescribed for skin health. The ground nut oil that we provide are carefully grown and saved during the storage season when the ground nuts are prone to fungal infections. We supply the choicest of ground nuts, which have abundant oil.

Products to the company and farmer mode operation, self-production and self-marketing, to ensure that every seed is pure, every grain is at ease, every consumer is at ease to eat!! Let’s pack the special agricultural products of deep mountains and bring them out of the mountains, so that the whole world can taste the special products of Pingshan Mountains!

Features/benefits of Groundnut

Groundnuts are used in various forms, which include groundnut oil, roasted and salted groundnut, boiled or raw groundnut or as a paste popularly known as groundnut (or peanut) butter. Groundnut oil is the most important product of the crop, which is used for both domestic and industrial purposes. About 75% of the world groundnut production is used in extraction of edible oil.

If you are into a healthy diet, these. groundnut prices can help you incredibly to meet your protein requirements and replenish your body with all the necessary nutrients. These nuts are processed improvising the latest technologies to ensure that all the required nutritional values are intact and do not create any kind of ill-effects on your health. The multiple varieties of. groundnut prices you can find on the site are ideal for breakfast, meals, or you can consume them throughout the day to get energy. Exclusion of any chemical additives and fertilizers to the crops ensures the. groundnut prices are health-friendly and can even be consumed by patients. 

Product Specification

Packing Size5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg
Packaging TypePlastic Box
Product TypeGroundnut
Is It OrganicOrganic
SpecialitySuitable for Diabetics,No Preservatives,No Added Sugar,No Added Salt,No Artificial Flavour

Prices of Groundnut

$350.00-$800.00/ Metric Ton

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