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Peanut in Shell are the perfect snack for sporting events, picnics or the beach. They come lightly salted, packaged for small and large gatherings. These nuts have been identified as having some amazing healthy benefits when eaten regularly alongside a balanced diet.

Features of Groundnut With Shell

  • The use of organic waste in agriculture can reduce the need of chemical fertilizer and restore the organic carbon deficiency in the soil.. In this orientation, groundnut shells (230-300g/Kg) produced during processing are used as a natural fertilizer for the cultivation of vegetable plants to increase their yield and to reduce the environmental pollution.,groundnut shell compost can be used as an effective alternative to chemical fertilizer.
  • Peanut shells are great for mulching. They are a terrific source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.Much protects plant roots from damage extreme hot or cold weather causes. In addition, it helps retain water essential for a plant’s overall health.
  • Peanut shells, or hulls, have a hard texture similar to wood chips.The shells take a long time to decompose, which makes them useful as a protective layer.
  • 4 WAYS TO USE PEANUT SHELLS FOR PLANTS 1.AERATE THE SOIL Peanut shells fluff up the soil allowing roots to breathe better and penetrate quickly leading to vigorous growth.2.REDUCE THE WEIGHT/ LOAD OF SOIL For hanging planters or those cannot have very heavy soil, adding peanut shells in a good ratio (approx 30%) lightens the load significantly.
  • 3.RETAIN MOISTURE IN SMALL POTS For places with long dry summers, water retention is a boon, specifically for small or terracotta planters. Peanut shells do not interfere with proper drainage yet help keep the soil moist longer. 4.IMPROVE SOIL TEXTURE If you are tired of hard clayey soil, adding ground peanut shells breaks down the hard clumps and helps the texture immensely.

Product Specification

Packaging Size25 kg
Moisture ContentMAX 6%
Minimum Order Quantity500 Kg

Prices of Groundnut With Shell

 $1,000-1,300/ Ton

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