Hammer Mill Replacement Hammers

Hammer blades are the most important part of hammer mill, it keeps hammer mill operating efficiently, but it is also the easiest wearing part. Our hammers are manufactured from high-strength carbon steel and finished with industry-leading hardfacing technology which designed for the most demanding applications. Hammer materials include:low carbon steel,medium carbon steel,special casting iron,etc. Heat treatment and surface-hardening can improve hammer wear-resisting property and thereby extende service life of hammer.

Hammer mill is applicable for raw materials grinding for feed mill, food plant, solvent plant, alcohol plant, citric acid plant, oil plant, brewing plant, flour plant with different capacities. Such as: corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, the pie after broken and other materials.  The hammer’s shape,size,arrangement and producing quality have a large impact on the grinding efficiency and finished product quality.

Features of Hammer Mill Replacement Hammers:

1. Variety of shapes, sizes and hardfacing patterns. Rectangular plate hammer is among the most wide use.

2. Can be customized based on client’s needs, high precision, high efficiency and superior quality.

3. Appropriate length, good to increase output at electricity energy while if it is too long in length,output at electricity energy reduces.

4. Dimensional accuracy and fine finish,high performance and longer wear life.

5. It is always pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Uses/Benefit of Hammer Mill Replacement Hammers:

Hammers are manufactured from high-strength carbon steel and finished with industry-leading hard facing technology for optimized grinding. We offer quick turnaround times thanks to our large inventory. Keep your hammer mill operating efficiently by using factory-fresh, high-quality hammers designed for the most demanding applications.

Specification of Hammer Mill Replacement Hammers:

ModelPower (KW)Output (t/h)
SFSP 56×4037~303~5
SFSP 56×3615~302~4
SFSP 112×3055~759~12
SFSP 112×4075~9012~15
SFSP 112×3055~759~12
SFSP 65×3830~451~2
SFSP 65×4545~552~4
SFSP 65×6055~902~5
SFSP 65×7575~903~6
SFSP 65×80110~1325~8
SFSP 65×100132~1606~10

Prices of Hammer Mill Replacement Hammers:

$1.00 – $10.00

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