Hammer Mill With Cyclone Hammer Mill with Cyclone comes with a 2.5 hp motor for grinding spices & food grains (except wheat). The production capacity of this machine is 150 to 280 kg per hr at the rolling speed of 5600 rpm. This smallest wood hammer mill is most suitable for home use with small capacity and tiny dimension. Equipped with hammers, this wood hammer mill is more suitable to crush soft agricultural crops such as wheat stalks, alfalfa, corn straws, switch grass,  peanut soybean shell and bamboo. A cyclone can be equipped to collect finished wood particles to prevent dust leakage. This wood hammer mill can be used in home-made wood pellet production which can be used as animal bedding, heat fuel and fodder.

Features of Hammer Mill With Cyclone:

1. Hammer mill are for grinding the Bio-mass like straw, stalk and wood chip, tree branch and forest waste to be powder of less than 3-5mm, which is right size before pelletizing and briquette.

2. It is also ideal machine for farming material like dry or fresh seeding of yam, peanut, rice and other plants, husks, maize, wheat, beans of all grain.

3. It has simple construction, convenient operation, high efficiency and low power consumption.

4. Our hammer mills are matched machines of pellet mills. You can use hammer mills to crush the wood blocks or other raw materials into sawdusts, then you can use sawdust to make pellets by pellet mills.

Uses/benefits of Hammer Mill With Cyclone:

1.Crusher machine can crush many straws into powder such as rice straw, alfalfa, grass etc.

2.The finished power can be used for feeding animal and is easy to digest.

3.The animal feed grinder is equipped with stable performance, low noise and power consumption, high working efficiency, beautiful appearance and small floor space.

4.Hammer mill crusher machine also can crush crops such as wheat, maize, rice.

Specification of Hammer Mill With Cyclone:

ModelPowerCapacityN/G weightPacking size
TOPS158-2ph2.2kw 2ph60-100kg/h80/95kg45*58*63cm
TOPS158-3ph2.2kw 3ph80-150kg/h75/90kg45*58*63cm
TOPS198A7.5hp gasoline200-300kg/h120/140kg96*62*105cm
TOPS198B4kw 3hp200-300kg/h110/130kg90*58*102cm
TOPS420A-15hp15hp diesel300-500kg/h330/360kg147*73*109cm
TOPS420A-22hp22hp diesel400-600kg/h350/390kg147*74*111cm
TOPS420B7.5kw 3ph300-500kg/h300/320kg112*82*107cm
TOPS420C11kw 3ph400-600kg/h320/350kg112*82*107cm
TOPS500A55hp diesel1000-1500kg/h800/840kg150*142*123cm
TOPS500B22kw 3ph800-1200kg/h600/630kg124*97*106cm

Prices of Hammer Mill With Cyclone:

$700.00 – $15,000.00

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